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Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet

Mobile Compact Cabinet with fold down overbed table


Quado Cabinet

Quado Cabinet Always in the right place

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet

Thanks to gas spring assistance, the Quado can effortlessly be adjusted to the desired height of 85 to 115cm.

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet Folded Down

The pull-out bookrest under the overbed table top allows the patient to read comfortably without having to clear the overbed table first.

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet

In smaller rooms too, the slimline Quado fits in elegantly next to the bed when its overbed table is folded down.

Quado Cabinet

The overbed table of the Quado folds down easily and softly

The new bedside cabinet Quado by Stiegelmeyer is a real compact miracle. With its functions reduced to the most important ones it is particularly suitable for daily hospital routines. At the same time 2 open compartments on both sides and a drawer that can be opened to both sides offer enough storage space for the personal belongings of the patient. With its neutral colours Quado adapts well to room furnishings and every hospital bed. If the overbed table is not needed, it can be lowered easily and damped.

Thanks to its good manoeuvrability, it can be used as a trolley for care utensils or medicines.

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet Bookrest

The pull-out bookrest under the overbed table top allows the patient to read comfortably without having to clear the overbed table first.

Quado Cabinet

The Quado bedside lockers can be pushed into one another to save space when in storage.

  • Enough storage space for the personal belongings
  • Gas-spring assisted continuous adjustment from 85 to 115cm
  • Overbed table can be lowered easily and damped
  • Space-saving storage by sliding into each other
  • Suitable for automated cleaning and disinfection
  • Extendable bookrest for more reading comfort
  • 65mm double castors with brakes
  • Total weight 25kg
  • Max. load on overbed tabletop (applied to centre) 15kg
Quado Cabinet

Transport — Bed with bedside cabinet

Quado Cabinet

The Quado can be transported together with Stiegelmeyer beds by hooking it onto the headboard or footboard before moving the bed.

The easy transport of the Quado ensures relief during the daily routine. It can be attached to the head or footboard of almost all current Stiegelmeyer hospital beds without effort, and thus can be transported together with the bed when a patient is relocated. The joint transport saves care staff from having to carry and, if applicable, document the personal items. During a simple transport the Quado can be rolled along with the bed. During a transport across thresholds or obstacles the cabinet should be lifted using the bed’s height adjustment. Once the Quado has arrived at its destination, it can be safely parked next to the bed thanks to its castors with brakes.

Options for use

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet use in ICU

In intensive care units, the space-saving Quado comprises the ideal combination of server and bedside cabinet. With its easy height adjustment and fold-up bed table, meals can be taken comfortably in bed.

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet for maternity

Women often spend only a short time in the maternity unit — so the slimline, space-saving Quado bedside cabinet is an ideal companion here. It is so easy to adjust that patients can set it to a convenient position themselves at any time without calling the nurse.

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet for day surgery

Patients in day clinics or dialysis centres require very little storage space. They can use the Quado as a practical dining table and storage unit while they are in bed or on the transport stretcher.

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet for childrens ward

There is often little space in hospital rooms in the children’s unit when parents stay overnight with them. The lightweight Quado can then simply be pushed to the side to make room. Smart accessories such as a USB extension cable with a clip to attach it to the cabinet rail offer additional comfort.

Additional Applications

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet ward trolley

The ward trolley can be used as a writing surface for documenting purposes.

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet for medication

Medication Trolley

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet for cleaning

Trolley for cleaning equipment

Hygiene — Reliable reprocessing

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet Castors

The chassis ensures excellent stability and is easy to clean.

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet Shelves

With its large surfaces and easily accessible design, the Quado has good hygiene properties.

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet Table Top

The overbed table top with its streamlined design is particularly easy to keep clean.

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet Wash

The Quado is machine washable and can also be easily cleaned manually. This ensures optimum hygiene in the hospital.

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet Towel Hook

With a towel hock on the rail of the bedside locker, the patient’s towel is always within easy reach.

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet Bag Hook

The optional longer hook makes it easy to store washbags close to the patient.

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet Magazine Holder

The optional additional compartment is suitable for storing newspapers and other personal belongings.

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet Glass Holder

The optional cup holder allows glasses and bottles to be stored securely.

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet USB Extension

A pluggable USB extension cable allows mobile devices to be charged within easy reach of the patient.

Stiegelmeyer Quado Cabinet Adaptor for Multimedia

The optional holders for phones and multimedia systems can be used to adapt to the requirements of the patients or the room equipment.

Specifications and Technical data

Dimensions and weights
External dimensions with overbed table (W x D x H) 92 x 44.6 x 89.6 – 119.6cm
External dimensions, overbed table retracted (W x D; incl. chassis) 56.4 x 44.6cm
External dimensions body (W x D) 28.6 x 44.6cm
Overbed tabletop height 85 – 115cm
Overbed tabletop dimensions 40.7 x 57.4cm
Total weight ca. 25kg
Load capacity
Overbed table (attached centrally) max. 15kg
Upper drawer pulled out (fixed centrally, tipping stability) 2,5kg
Top surface 15kg
Equipment ⁄ Options
Small top drawer Tick
Small top drawer o
65mm double castor (4 castors with brakes) Tick
Colours and materials
Body colour Light grey NCS S1500-N
Body material PP, PA
Chassis colour Chrystal White NCS S0500N
Chassis material Steel
Lock for top drawer o
Sleeves for telephone systems o
Adaptor for extending the telephone sleeve o
Suitable for automated cleaning and disinfection Tick
Bottle holder on top surface rail o
Towel hook on rail o
Additional compartment on the side o
Long hook on rail o
USB extension cable o
Tick = standard feature   o = availbale as an option

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