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Gigant II Heavy Duty Bed

Burmeier – With extremely strong construction.

Burmeier Gigant Heavy Duty 4 Section Electric Bed

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Burmeier Gigant II Heavy Duty Bed

Burmeier Gigant II Heavy Duty Bed with optional KSG Side Rails

Features at a glance

  • Safe working load: 350kg for patient weight of 280kg.
  • 4-section mattress base 1200 x 2000mm — Metal parts are sealed with a polyester powder lacquer coating.
  • Mattress surface height adjustment is from approximately 400mm to 800mm, giving an adjustment range of 400mm.
  • Powered adjustment of Back Support and thigh Rest.
  • Sit-up — chair — position.
  • The castors can be individually locked.
  • Wooden surround in beech finish with working timber areas melamine covered.
  • DEWERT drive system being easy to maintain and durable with 24 Volt drive motors and components.
  • Handset with auto-contour and locking box for locking of individual functions.

SAFE working load of 350kg

The mattress base of the “Gigant II” Care Bed can accommodate a safe working load of 350kg (body weight + mattress + bedding + bed pole hoist etc. < 350kg). Residents weighing up to 280kg will appreciate the generous 1200mm wide mattress base, and the length can be extended to 2200mm if necessary (bed extension available as optional accessory).

Quality and Durability

This care bed “Gigant” is extremely sturdily constructed, so that it fulfills the requirements in daily care perfectly. The high quality ensures you have a nursing home bed which is durable, robust, easy to maintain and which decisively minimizes follow-up costs.

Mattress Height Adjustment – 400mm to 800mm

The highest mattress position of 800mm allows nursing staff to work comfortably without stressing their backs.


4–section mattress base 1200 x 2000mm, mattress surface height adjustment from 400 to 800mm, powered adjustment of back rest (retracting) as well as the height of the mattress surface. The footend of the bed can be lowered by tilting the mattress base using the hand control to facilitate a chair position.

Gigant Heavy Duty Bed Specifications
Capacity: 280kg (350kg total)
Length: approx. 2220mm
Width: approx. 1340mm
High / Low: 400 to 800 mm, range = 400 mm
Mattress Base Size: EV94B4GTII (Beech) 1200mm x 2000mm
Reverse Trendelenberg
Castors: 100mm Individually Locking Tente Castors
Lift Operation: 24 Volt Fully Electric
Backrest: 0° - 70°
Knee break: 0° - 26°
Foot end down: To 10°
Side Rails: DSG – Continuous Side Rail on one or both sides
KSG – Combined Side Rail on one or both sides
Finish: Frame - Polyester Powder Coated
Wooden surround with integrated side frames.
Working timber areas melamine covered—0.6mm.
ARTG number: 208844

Gigant Heavy Duty Bed Codes
EV94B4GTII – 1200mm Gigant Heavy Duty Bed, 4 section (Beech)

Click here for a Gigant brochure pdf

Click here for a Gigant II brochure pdf

Click here for a Gigant user's manual pdf

Click here for a Gigant II user's manual pdf

email Click here to enquire about the Gigant II Heavy Duty Bed.

24 Volt Drive System as standard

For the safety of patient and user, low-voltage 24 volts is produced by means of a central control unit transformer. All drive motors and the hand switch are hooked up to the central control unit by plug-in connections and work with the 24 volt safety low-voltage.

Mobility and comfort

Early mobilisation of those in need of care is of increasing importance in the daily care routine of today. This is why the Gigant II assists this process with special functions. The mobilisation support in the combinable split safety sides (optional) with its ergonomic knob provides the occupant of the bed with a secure grip and enhanced safety. The combinable split safety sides also comply with the requirements in place to restrict the use of restraint measures. It can also be combined with full-length safety sides.

Mattress Code – Gigant Heavy Duty Bed

EV9743Maxi Pressure Care Mattress 2000 x 1200 x 180 (Bravo Cover)

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Burmeier Gigant II Heavy Duty Bed

Burmeier Gigant II Heavy Duty Bed with DSG & optional KSG Side Rails

Burmeier Gigant Heavy Duty Bed

Gigant with KSG (Combined Side Rail) on one side.

Gigant II Care Bed Features;

Bed Ends

The Bed Ends with wooden surrounds in a modern design, plastic panels on the chassis and side facings lend a home-like ambience

Emergency Release

The emergency release of the backrest possible from any bed position. In the event of power supply outages or electrical drive system failures, the raised backrest can be lowered by hand.

Side Rail

Extremely sturdy safety side construction.

Side Rail

Combination of full-length and combinable split safety sides possible. The mobilisation support centre post with ergonomic knob-shaped handle offers a secure grip to hold on to when getting in and out of bed.

Locking Box

The locating sleeve for mobilisation support (left) and locking box (right) to disable hand control buttons. The handset and locking box are connected to one another. This means that it is only possible to use the adjustment functions on the handset if the corresponding function is activated on the locking box.

Hand Control

Hand Control
Water resistant—IP66. Simultaneous adjustment of the back and thigh rest (Auto-contour). For safety reasons, the handset features a number of locking functions. These locking functions can be used to lock the handset functions and prevent the bed from being adjusted to protect patients‘ in poor clinical condition. Elastic hook can be hooked onto the bed.

24 Volt

24 Volt drive system as standard
For the safety of patient and user, safety low-voltage of 24 volt is produced by means of a transformer.
All drive motors and the hand switch are hooked up to the central control unit by plug-in connections and work with the 24 volt safety low-voltage.

24 Volt

Mains cable holder
The head section of the bed is fitted with a mains cable holder on each side of the bed underneath the mattress base frame.
The mains cable must always be hooked into the mains cable holder before the bed is moved.


Individually locking, robust TENTE castors.

Lower Leg

Electric Knee Break with manually adjustable lower leg rest.


Bed extension including longer safety sides and side boards.

Patient Lifting Pole

Patient Lifting Pole with grab handle can be attached. The patient can use this grab handle to sit up and readjust their position.


Under bed clearance for all commercially available lifters.

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