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Makes repositioning of patients in bed an easy one person job.

Vendlet Basic patient turner Vendlet Basic patient turner Vendlet Basic patient turner

VENDLET Basic is a powered patient turning aid for moving and handling patients and clients in bed. With a few less automated functions, VENDLET Basic is a less advanced and cheaper version of the models V5S and Bari.

Safe Working Load: 150 kg.

Product code: 6200000

  • Key Points of Interest

    The VENDLET Basic is manufactured to the same high standards as other models but comes as a simpler package.

    • Manual siderails for quick and easy lifting and lowering
    • Simple five button hand control
    • Simple and hygienic sheet attachment and removal
    • Easy to clean and maintain — well suited to large scale implementation
    • Proven to save money on care packages

    Vendlet hand control

  • Videos showing VENDLET Basic in use

  • Videos showing set up of VENDLET Basic

  • Cleaning VENDLET Basic

    VENDLET Basic is machine washable by automatic washing systems according to IEC 60529 (IPX6 washable). See the manual for further washing instructions.

    Sheets must be washed as described on the care label.

    Nursing with Vendlet Basic

Vendlet V5S patient turner Vendlet V5S patient turner Vendlet V5S patient turner

The VENDLET V5S is a patient transfer aid for turning and repositioning patients in bed. The assistive device makes it possible to perform a gentle and smooth repositioning of the patient, which requires a minimum of strain and effort of healthcare staff.

Safe Working Load: 200 kg.

Product code: 6100000, with Speed Adjust: 6100050

  • Videos showing VENDLET V5S in use

    Turning with Vendlet V5S

    Turning and repositioning

    Moving out of bed with Vendlet V5S

    Transfer out of bed

    Moving and Handling with Vendlet


    Changing sheets with Vendlet V5S

    Changing Sheets

    Moving out of bed with Vendlet V5S


    Repositioning up the bed with Vendlet

    Repositioning up the bed

    Prone positioning with Vendlet V5S

    Prone positioning

    Rehabilitation with Vendlet V5S


    Sling on with Vendlet

    Sling on

  • Videos showing set up of VENDLET V5S

    Mounting slide sheet on Vendlet V5S

    Mounting slide sheet

    Mounting turning sheet on Vendlet V5S

    Mounting turning sheet

    Vendlet V5S as side rail

    As side rail

  • Cleaning VENDLET V5S

    VENDLET V5S can be wiped down with a wet cloth and regular cleaning agents or disinfecting fluids. The system is not machine washable.

    Sheets must be washed as described on the care label.

    Nursing with Vendlet closeup

Vendlet Bari patient turner Vendlet Bari patient turner Vendlet Bari patient turner

VENDLET Bari is an assistive device for moving and handling bariatric patients in bed. The patient turning system relieves the task of turning and repositioning obese clients, while also improving the quality of care, providing a more gentle and comfortable repositioning.

Safe Working Load: 400 kg.

Product code: 6100150

LEJRELET Positioning Cushions are ideal with the Vendlet Patient Turning System

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Vendlet – Easy, Gentle, Safe Handling of Patients in Bed

VENDLET is a unique mechanical turning system for moving and handling patients with limited mobility.

  • Videos of VENDLET in different environments

    Hospital Vendlet

    Hospital environment

    Attaching Vendlet sheets

    Care home environment

  • What VENDLET is used for (see video)

    VENDLET is used in a variety of different moving and handling situations, for example:

    • Repositioning patient to lateral, prone or supine position for personal care, examinations, positioning purposes or when applying a sling.
    • Moving the patient from one side of the bed to the other or in and out of bed.
    • Repositioning the patient up in the bed if they slide down during the night.
    • Simplifies the process of applying a sling.
    • Transferring the patient from one bed to another.

    Vendlet components

  • Advantages of using a VENDLET (see video)

    VENDLET provides significant advantages for caregivers; it improves their work health and safety, thereby reducing the risk of work injuries and sick leave. Patients also experience greater comfort, independence and dignity. By implementing VENDLET it is possible to make better use of resources.

    • When using VENDLET, caregivers are spared the physical strain and heavy lifting when handling bedridden patients. Using the system also increases the well-being of both patient and caregiver — fewer sick days, and injuries.
    • When VENDLET is used, the client experiences turning as more uniform and calm — speed adjustment (V5S) for an even calmer and slower transfer. Being turned feels more comfortable as the sheet supports the entire body — fewer pressure ulcers, less friction, and shearing. Simultaneously, the caregiver can support the client and ensure correct and comfortable positioning.
    • By implementing VENDLET it is possible to optimize the use of resources because the caregiver in most cases can work alone with the patient. This simplifies planning the daily care. The use of VENDLET results in fewer and simpler work procedures, allowing resources to be used elsewhere; e.g. Change the sheets with the client still in bed.
    • The VENDLET system is compliant with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR MDR 2017 ⁄ 745) and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC EMC 60601-1-2). The bed rail is tested and approved as per ISO 60601-2-52.

      Sheets for VENDLET are OEKO-TEX certified.

    Nursing with Vendlet

  • The VENDLET System is suitable for

    • Bedridden patients with few physiological and ⁄ or cognitive resources.
    • Patients recieving palliative care.
    • Patients that receive personal care, are dressed etc., in bed.
    • Patients at risk of developing pressure ulcers (the uniform and calm transfer with the sheet, minimizes friction and shear, which can lead to tissue damage and pressure ulcers).
    • Patients that are cognitively challenged, e.g. Alzheimers — VENDLET has proved to have positive effects on these patients.
    • Patients with disabilities or chronic diseases such as Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease, paralysis, muscular dystrophy, and more.
    • Elderly or geriatric patients who cannot turn themselves in bed.
    • Bariatric patients — weighing up to 400 kg (VENDLET Bari).

    Nursing with Vendlet on bed

  • VENDLET a system to improve workplace health and safety

    Use of the Vendlet transfer system can lead to fewer work injuries among staff, improved comfort for clients and to financial savings through increased eficiency.

    • Use of Vendlet has a positive effect on employees’ general physical well-being and leads to less fatigue. Employees are not as tired after work, have less pain and there is a positive effect on their mood and job-satisfaction.

      These positive effects on workplace health and safety can result in fewer sick days and reduce the costs of temporary workers.

      The Vendlet turning systems can also be used to attract new employees because it improves work health and safety and the workplace becomes more attractive to jobseekers.
    • Benefits of early use of the Vendlet are achieved when employees are experienced in using this system, and when patients also become comfortable with it. Best implemented before the patient becomes unmanageable due to physical or mental challenges.
    • Vendlet has significant positive effects on the patients physical and mental well-being. Vendlet reduces the amount of pain patients feel in moving and handling situations.

      Vendlet provides gentler care which is kinder on the patient’s skin while supporting their whole body. This feels safer for the patient, because the movement is smooth, has positive effects on the patient’s mood and their quality of life — Caregivers have a more cooperative patient.

    Nursing with Vendlet Nursing with Vendlet

  • How VENDLET works

    VENDLET consists of a slide sheet, a turning sheet, a hand control and two motorized bars mounted on each side of the bed. By using the hand control, the sheet is tightened around the bars, thereby moving or turning the client.

    An easy one person job.

    Nursing with Vendlet Vendlet closeup

  • Accessories and Spare Parts   ⤵   

  • Technical Specifications   ⤵   

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Brochure pdf

Product Sheet pdf

Brief Guide pdf

Guide for Side Rails pdf

Guide for Correct Castor Placement pdf

V5S & Bari User Manual pdf

Basic User Manual pdf

Click here for Poster pdf

Click here for Vendlet on Burmeier Allura Mighty Bed Bariatric Case Study pdf

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