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Makes repositioning of patients in bed an easy one person operation.


Vendlet Std patient turner
Vendlet Std patient turner
Vendlet Std patient turner
Vendlet Std patient turner

The VENDLET Standard provides you with the lightest and most sustainable design, where the installation is made even more easy and simple.
VENDLET Standard can be adjusted in length and adapted to the vast majority of hospital and care beds, including beds that are considered low height.
VENDLET Standard has emergency measures that are appropriate in emergency situations or in the event of a power failure.
With VENDLET Standard, you get the opportunity for high infection control standards, as the slide sheets are without Velcro and the entire system can be retained on the bed when placing inside a washing tunnel.

Safe Working Load: 250 kg.

Product code: 6300000

Video showing VENDLET Standard in use

Turning with Vendlet V5S

Moving and handling with Vendlet Standard

Video showing VENDLET Standard presentation

Turning with Vendlet V5S

Turning with Vendlet V5S

Standard in care facilities
This video introduces the VENDLET Standard›s use in a care facility.

Turning with Vendlet V5S

Standard in hospitals
This video introduces the VENDLET Standard›s use in a hospital.

VENDLET Standard images

profiling bed

Profiling bed

Mounting turning sheet

Mounting turning sheet

Vendlet V5S as side rail


profiling bed

Profiling bed

Machine wash

Bed machine wash

Cleaning VENDLET Standard

VENDLET Standard is machine washable by automatic washing systems according to EN 60601-2-52. See the manual for further washing instructions.

Sheets must be washed as described on the care label.

Nursing with Vendlet closeup

Vendlet V5S patient turner
Vendlet V5S patient turner
Vendlet V5S patient turner

The VENDLET V5S is a patient transfer aid for turning and repositioning patients in bed. The assistive device makes it possible to perform a gentle and smooth repositioning of the patient, which requires a minimum of strain and effort of healthcare staff.

Safe Working Load: 200 kg.

Product code: 6100000, with Speed Adjust: 6100050

Videos showing VENDLET V5S in use

Turning with Vendlet V5S

Turning and repositioning

Moving and Handling with Vendlet


Moving out of bed with Vendlet V5S


Prone positioning with Vendlet V5S

Prone positioning

Moving out of bed with Vendlet V5S

Transfer out of bed

Repositioning up the bed with Vendlet

Repositioning up the bed

Sling on with Vendlet

Sling on

Rehabilitation with Vendlet V5S


Videos showing set up of VENDLET V5S

Mounting slide sheet on Vendlet V5S

Mounting slide sheet

Vendlet V5S as side rail

As side rail

Mounting turning sheet on Vendlet V5S

Mounting turning sheet

Changing sheets with Vendlet V5S

Changing Sheets

Cleaning VENDLET V5S

VENDLET V5S can be wiped down with a wet cloth and regular cleaning agents or disinfecting fluids. The system is not machine washable.

Sheets must be washed as described on the care label.

Nursing with Vendlet closeup

Vendlet Bari patient turner
Vendlet Bari patient turner
Vendlet Bari patient turner

VENDLET Bari is an assistive device for moving and handling bariatric patients in bed. The patient turning system relieves the task of turning and repositioning obese clients, while also improving the quality of care, providing a more gentle and comfortable repositioning.

Safe Working Load: 400 kg.

Product code: 6100150

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Vendlet – Easy, Gentle, Safe Handling of Patients in Bed

VENDLET is a unique mechanical turning system for moving and handling patients with limited mobility.

Videos of VENDLET in different environments

Hospital Vendlet

Hospital environment

Attaching Vendlet sheets

Care home environment

What VENDLET is used for (see video)

Benefits of Vendlet

VENDLET is used in a variety of different moving and handling situations, for example:

  • Repositioning patient to lateral, prone or supine position for personal care, examinations, positioning purposes or when applying a sling.
  • Moving the patient from one side of the bed to the other or in and out of bed.
  • Repositioning the patient up in the bed if they slide down during the night.
  • Simplifies the process of applying a sling.
  • Transferring the patient from one bed to another.

Vendlet components

Advantages of using a VENDLET (see video)

Turning and positioning with Vendlet

VENDLET provides significant advantages for caregivers; it improves their work health and safety, thereby reducing the risk of work injuries and sick leave. Patients also experience greater comfort, independence and dignity. By implementing VENDLET it is possible to make better use of resources.

  • Patient handling is one of the biggest contributors to muscular-skeletal disorders and work injuries among caregivers. Therefore, we have to adjust the way we handle patients and clients when positioning them. With the VENDLET-system, it is possible to reduce sick leave and the number of work injuries that are due to straining when moving and handling clients. The powered patient turning aid reduces or outright eliminates the pushing and pulling, that often occurs when transferring clients. The transfer aid does the heavy lifting for you.
  • Most clients who need assistance during repositioning can benefit from using the VENDLET Standard, as it offers a calmer and smoother experience. The transferring becomes soothing, as the sheet ‘hugs’ the client and the caregivers only have to focus on guiding the arms and legs to the right places.

    The VENDLET is especially beneficial for clients who are at risk of developing pressure ulcers or other forms of tissue damage as its fluid motion reduces the possibility of shear and friction. The smooth and fluid motion in the transfer is also beneficial to clients who can be easily agitated or anxious.
    • Turn a person from supine to lateral position and back
    • Transfer a client sideways in bed
    • Mobilize the client from the bedside and into the bed
    • Move the client higher up in the bed
    • Simplify other processes such as applying a sling and positioning
    • Turn a patient to ⁄ from prone position
  • The VENDLET Standard can also be machine washed whilst remaining mounted to the bed. As the assistive aid is machine washable, it ensures optimal infection control when the aid is used at hospitals, nursing homes and home care situations.

    The sheets are attached with a Quick-Tag system, where the edge of the sheet is pressed into a groove on the bar. This makes the sheets more durable as well as increases the infection control.
    • Machine washable
    • Easy to mount and has adjustable side lengths
    • Sustainably made
    • Mounted 2.5 cm below the surface of the mattress
    • Emergency release nuts
  • The VENDLET system is compliant with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR 2017 ⁄ 745) and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC 60601-1-2).

    The bed rail is tested and approved as per ISO 60601-2-52.

    Sheets for VENDLET are OEKO-TEX certified.

Nursing with Vendlet

The VENDLET System is suitable for

  • People affected by pain, people receiving palliative care, people at risk of developing pressure ulcers
  • People with disabilities or chronic diseases such as Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease, paralysis, muscular dystrophy, and more
  • People with cognitive dysfunction such as people with Alzheimer’s disease
  • Elderly or geriatric patients who cannot turn themselves in bed
  • People who are aggressive or suffer from spacial awareness

Nursing with Vendlet on bed

How VENDLET works

VENDLET consists of a slide sheet, a turning sheet, a hand control and two motorized bars mounted on each side of the bed. By using the hand control, the sheet is tightened around the bars, thereby moving or turning the client.

Easy for one person.

Nursing with Vendlet
Vendlet closeup

Accessories and Spare Parts   ⤵   

Technical Specifications   ⤵   

Vendlet Brochure pdf

Brief Vendlet Standard, Guide pdf

Brief V5S, Guide pdf

Brief V5S Speed & Bari, Guide pdf

Guide for Side Rails pdf

Guide for Correct Castor Placement pdf

Vendlet Standard User Manual pdf

V5S & Bari User Manual pdf

Click here for Poster pdf

Click here for Vendlet on Burmeier Allura Mighty Bed Bariatric Case Study pdf

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