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Utensil Washer Disinfector

Designed to hold 6 large wash basins or a varied load.

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WDT2.1 Top Loading Utensil ⁄ Bowl Washer Disinfector

Malmet Top Loading Utensil Bowl Washer Disinfector

Malmet Top Loading Utensil ⁄ Bowl Washer Disinfector

Malmet’s Washer Disinfectors are purpose-built washer disinfectors, and are indeed engineered to last a lifetime. The machines are user-friendly and simple to operate.

  • Key Points of Interest

    • Top loading heavy duty, purpose built utensil washer
    • User friendly single button start
    • Computer monitored door lock safety mechanism
    • Large capacity
    • Used for kidney dishes, sputum bowls, tooth mugs, etc
    • Temperature display
    • Visual detergent refill indicator
    • Disinfection to higher Ao600 level, as recommended by AS ⁄ NZS 4187
    • Compliance: ISO 13485 & ISO 9001

    Malmet Utensil Washer Disinfector

This Malmet Top Loading Washer Disinfector is designed to hold 6 large wash basins or a varied load of smaller items such as kidney dishes, sputum bowls, tooth mugs etc.

  • Inside Utensil Washer Disinfector

    Washer Disinfector inside Washer Disinfector loaded

    Inside Malmet Utensil Washer Disinfector

    Washer Disinfector inside

    Kidney dish rack

    Washer Disinfector loaded

    Instrument Basket assembly

    Optional rack assemblies

  • Secure and safe disinfection

    • A computer monitored door lock mechanism – it cannot be opened until the cycle is complete.
    • It is equipped with an "intelligent" microprocessor developed for Malmet which incorporates the fine–tuning of experience with the best features of heavy–duty industrial electronics.
    • Over Temperature Protection – An element over temperature thermal switch with a manual reset.
    • ARTG Certificate pdf

    Malmet detergent

    A detergent system delivers 30ml of concentrated detergent in the initial wash.

    Detergent Datasheet pdf

  • Important internal components

    Washer Disinfector Over Temperature Washer Disinfector Element Cover Washer Disinfector Element Cover

  • WDT2.1 Utensil Washer Disinfector specifications

    Model   WDT2.1 - Top Loading
    Electricity Supply - (Australia Only)   240V 18Amp 50Hz
    Water Supply   Cold and Hot (min 43ºC)
    Dimensions (mm)   655W x 840D x 1030H
    Internal Dimensions   595W x 480D x 595H
    Water Capacity   18.5 litres
    Pump Circulation Electrical rating 0.55 kW
      Capacity at head 2.25m³/hr at 31m head
    Pump drain Electrical rating 0.16 kW
      Capacity at head 45 litres/min @ 1.25m head
    Pump detergent Type and make Ub 260 C
    Detergent usage   Approx. 65ml per cycle
    Detergent type   Malmet or equivalent
    Temp display   0 - 100ºC coil meter
    Thermistor probe   Resistance 22k ohms at 25ºC
    Electric element rating   3.6kW 240V
    Cold water Consumption /cycle 32 litres
    Hot water Consumption /cycle 48 litres
    PCB   Yes
    Electrical rating of unit   240 V 18A full load
    Cycle times   Approx. 28 minutes with 60ºC incoming hot water at 350 kPa
    Disinfecting times
    70ºC - 15 minutes
    75ºC - 10 minutes
    80ºC - 5 minutes
    85ºC - 2 minutes
    Materials Wash chamber & external panels 304 stainless steel
    Base tray & frame 304 stainless steel

Loading Instructions for WDT2.1 pdf

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