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Utensil Washer Disinfector

Designed to hold 6 large wash basins or a varied load.

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WDT2.1 Top Loading Utensil ⁄ Bowl Washer Disinfector

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Malmet Top Loading Utensil Bowl Washer Disinfector

Malmet Top Loading Utensil ⁄ Bowl Washer Disinfector

Washer Disinfector loaded
 detergent for Malmet Washer Disinfector

A detergent system delivers 30ml of concentrated detergent in the initial wash. Detergent Datasheet pdf

Washer Disinfector loaded

Utensil Washer loaded


Washer Disinfector loaded

Washer Disinfector loaded

Rectangle Tray Rack Assembly Product Code – 81-5070


Washer Disinfector loaded

Kidney Dish Rack, one side loaded Product Code – 8–K00–81–240

Instrument Basket Assembly

Instrument Basket Assembly 81-5116

Loading Instructions for WDT2.1 pdf

  • Top loading heavy duty, purpose built utensil washer
  • User friendly single button start
  • Computer monitored door lock safety mechanism
  • Large capacity
  • Used for kidney dishes, sputum bowls, tooth mugs, etc
  • Temperature display
  • Visual detergent refill indicator
  • Disinfection to higher AO600 level, as recommended by AS/NZS 4187
  • Compliance: ISO 13485 & ISO 9001

ARTG Certificate pdf

Malmet’s Washer Disinfector is purpose-built washer disinfectors, and are indeed engineered to last a lifetime. The machine is user-friendly and simple to operate.

This Malmet Top Loading Washer Disinfector is designed to hold 6 large wash basins or a varied load of smaller items such as kidney dishes, sputum bowls, tooth mugs etc.

A computer monitored door lock mechanism – it cannot be opened until the cycle is complete.

It is equipped with an "intelligent" microprocessor developed for Malmet which incorporates the fine–tuning of experience with the best features of heavy–duty industrial electronics.

Over Temperature Protection – An element over temperature thermal switch with a manual reset.

Disinfection to higher Ao600 level, as recommended by AS4187:2014

email Click here to enquire about the Malmet Washer Disinfector WDT2.1.

Model   WDT2.1 - Top Loading
Electricity Supply - (Australia Only)   240V 18Amp 50Hz
Water Supply   Cold and Hot (min 43ºC)
Dimensions (mm)   655W x 840D x 1030H
Internal Dimensions   595W x 480D x 595H
Water Capacity   18.5 litres
Pump Circulation Electrical rating 0.55 kW
  Capacity at head 2.25m³/hr at 31m head
Pump drain Electrical rating 0.16 kW
  Capacity at head 45 litres/min @ 1.25m head
Pump detergent Type and make Ub 260 C
Detergent usage   Approx. 65ml per cycle
Detergent type   Malmet or equivalent
Temp display   0 - 100ºC coil meter
Thermistor probe   Resistance 22k ohms at 25ºC
Electric element rating   3.6kW 240V
Cold water Consumption /cycle 32 litres
Hot water Consumption /cycle 48 litres
PCB   Yes
Electrical rating of unit   240 V 18A full load
Cycle times   Approx. 28 minutes with 60ºC incoming hot water at 350 kPa
Disinfecting times
70ºC - 15 minutes
75ºC - 10 minutes
80ºC - 5 minutes
85ºC - 2 minutes
Materials Wash chamber & external panels 304 stainless steel
Base tray & frame 304 stainless steel

Internal Components

Washer Disinfector Over Temperature
Washer Disinfector Element Cover
Washer Disinfector Heat Deflector

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