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VENDLET Accessories & Spare Parts

For Vendlet models.

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  • Actuator turn fitting
    • The actuator turn fitting is used to avoid conflict between the large backward-facing plastic housing on the actuator and brakes, wheels, etc on the bed.

      Item no. 1880100

    More information

    The actuators for VENDLET V5S, Bari, V5 and V5+ have a large backward-facing plastic housing. In some situations, the plastic housing may bump against the bed’s brakes, wheels, etc.

    It is possible to turn the actuator 90° so that the plastic housing will instead be positioned alongside the bed. Turning the actuator in this way requires dismounting and re-mounting it with an actuator turn fitting.

    NOTE: If you make use of this option, be aware that the actuator will be sitting in an exposed position. It will accordingly be extra vulnerable to bumps and bruises. Therefore, only make use of this option if there are no other alternatives.

    Installation guide pdf

    • Battery backup allows you to use VENDLET without connection to the mains current.

      Item no. 6000003

    More information

    The battery backup is clicked directly onto the control unit

    1.2 AH

    24 V DC

    Cleaning: Wipe with a damp cloth. Tolerates ordinary cleaning agents.

    Bed frame bracket
    • Some bed frames have welding and ⁄ or rounded corners on the bed frame which makes traditional mounting of the VENDLET complicated.

      Item no. 7000052

    More information

    Some bed frames have welding and ⁄ or rounded corners on the bed frame which makes traditional mounting of the VENDLET complicated. Adequate space for mounting the VENDLET is ensured using the Bed Frame Bracket.

    Extra caution is required when installing the Bed Frame Bracket since it increases the distance between VENDLET and the mattress with an additional 4 cm compared to normal installation of a VENDLET-system. Especially the distances between the mattress and VENDLET, and the bed headboards and VENDLET are important.

    The kit includes:

    • 2 pcs. of frames
    • 6 sets of mounting brackets for the frame
    • 6 pcs. of M10x60 bolts for the frame
    • 6 pcs. of M10x80 bolts for the frame

    Installation guide pdf

    Bed frame handset extension
    • 1 meter extension cord for hand control.

      Item no. 600046

    More information

    Do you experience that the cord for the hand control is too short, this extension cord is available and can be purchased.

    • Hand control for the VENDLET V5S and the VENDLET Bari.

      Item no. 6000007


    Wipe with a damp cloth. Tolerates ordinary cleaning agents.

    Quick guide pdf

    Speed Handset

    • VENDLET V5S Speed Adjust
    • VENDLET Bari

    • With the Speed Adjust hand control you can upgrade your VENDLET V5S, Bari, V5 or V5+, so the speed of the bars can be adjusted.

    • NOTE!

    • If your VENDLET has been purchased before the 1st of June 2016 you also need to purchase a new control unit!

      Item no. 6000042

    Product details

    In certain situations it may be desirable to slow the bars so that the sheet is tightened more slowly onto the bar. With the new hand control, speed can be set at:

    • 100 % (normal speed)
    • 75 %
    • 50 %

    Speed adjustment may be advantageous for patients that:

    • Have severe perceptual disruption
    • Have severe spatial orientation disorders
    • Have acquired brain injury and neurological disorders
    • Have severe spasticity
    • Have several intravenous sites or are intubated

    The hand control with speed adjustment is an optional extra that can be purchased seperately.

    For all VENDLET V5S systems purchased after June 1, 2016, the new hand control can simply be plugged in after which the system has speed adjustment. For systems purchased before this date it is also necessary to purchase a new control unit, as a new operating system has been developed to control the speed adjustment.

    The new hand control has a built-in light. In this way it can also serve as a small torch, allowing night shift personnel to discreetly check that all is well with sleeping patients.

    Quick guide Speed Adjust Handset pdf

    Cleaning: Wipe with a damp cloth. Tolerates ordinary cleaning agents.

    Height restriction
    • Height restriction for beds with LINAK LA31 height adjustment motor.

      Item no. 6000035

    Product details

    On some bed types the VENDLET system can conflict with the bed wheels or brake when the bed is lowered.

    In several of these cases a clamping device can be mounted on the bed rod. The height restriction bracket ensure that the bed can not be lowered too much to create a conflict.

    The height restriction bracket can be mounted on all beds with the LINAK LA31 height adjustment motor, including:

    • Invacare: SB750, SB750W, SB755 (85 and 90 cm), SB900 (2 units), SB 910 (2 units)
    • Comfort System
    • KR Opus

    Height restriction guide pdf

    Multi bracket
    • Multi bracket is a bracket that can be fitted to Octave beds that do not have an accessible steel frame that VENDLET can be mounted upon.

      Item no. 7000051

    Product details

    By using Multi Bracket a steel bed frame is created on which VENDLET can be mounted.

    NOTE: Multi Bracket increases the VENDLET system’s weight by 20.2 kilos.

    Mounting guide pdf

    Side rail bumper
    • Side rail bumpers for VENDLET systems.
    • Compatible with the following VENDLET models:
      VENDLET V5S Speed Adjust
      VENDLET Bari

      Item no. 1700009

    Product details

    In certain situations, it can be necessary to protect the restless and agitated clients from bumping into the side rails. Restless and agitated clients have a high risk of bumping into the side rails or pulling the VENDLET turning sheet away from the side rail, leaving hands and feet at risk of entrapment.

    Side rail bumpers are easily mounted, and work up and down with the side rails. The side rail bumpers are mounted on the inside of the rails, so they don’t affect the daily use of VENDLET.

    The set consists of 2 PE foam sides and 16 pieces of Velcro, which are used for mounting.

    Mounting guide pdf

    Side rail extension
    • If it is necessary to reduce the distance between the head or footboard and the VENDLET system, the bar can be extended with a side rail extension. The extension is placed at the foot end.

    • Compatible with the following VENDLET models:
      VENDLET V5S Speed Adjust
      VENDLET Bari

      Item no. 7000054

    Product details

    There can be mounted up to 2 pcs. pr. side. Each side rail extention increases the overall length of the side rail with 7.7 cm.

    Mounting guide pdf

    • The trolley provides better protection of the VENDLET system during transport and simplifies the entire mounting and transport situation.

      Item no. 6100300

    Product details

    The VENDLET system is suspended from the transport trolley so that the mounting brackets are turned outward. Electronic box, sheets, tools etc., are placed in crates at the bottom of the trolley. It is possible to use your own crates as the frames are adjustable and can be adapted for different sizes.

    During mounting the bed height is adjusted so that the bed frame is across from the mounting brackets on the VENDLET system. The trolley is placed alongside the bed frame and as close to it as possible. The VENDLET system is then lifted onto the bed frame, first at the head and then at the foot of the bed. The trolley is then moved to the other side where the process is repeated. The mounting brackets are clamped fast, the height adjusted, control box connected and assembly is complete.

    To disassemble simply repeat the procedure in reverse.

    The trolley is of course fitted with brakes on all 4 wheels as well as a bracket for secure attachment during vehicle transport.

    Trolley guide pdf

    Under bed light
    • Under bed light can be connected and is operated by the hand control.

      Item no. 6000033

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