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Pelican Pool and Spa Hoist

Gives access to Spas, Swimming and Hydrotherapy Pools for people with mobility issues.

Kingfisher Pool Hoist

Pelican Pool and Spa Hoist

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Pelican Pool and Spa Hoist
Pelican Pool and Spa Hoist

Pelican Pool and Spa Hoist

Pelican Pool and Spa Hoist
Pelican Pool and Spa Hoist
Pelican Pool and Spa Hoist
Pelican Pool and Spa Hoist

Pelican Pool and Spa Hoist

Floating Sling IPH0030

Earthing: As per AS3000 of the wiring rules standards — “In certain circumstances” it may be necessary to have all conductive metal objects equally potentially bonded (earthed), this includes Pool Hoists.

The pool hoist must be earthed by a qualified electrician.

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Designed and manufactured in Australia, and tested in accordance with ASA 3581, the Pelican Pool and Spa Access Lifter allows a person with any disability to have access to both above and below ground Spas, Swimming and Hydrotherapy pools - without any manual lifting.

It is suitable for use in public pools, leisure centres, private homes, nursing homes and schools. The unit is mobile and attached at the edge of the pool or spa.

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  • Easily wheeled from one area to another for multiple use and or storage.
  • Can be used with floating sling, plastic seat or a strengthened wet wheelchair which ensures correct support for people with various levels of disability.
  • No manual lifting required.
  • Press button hand switch operation.
  • Standard lifting capacity 150kgs. Where necessary, can be designed for heavier lifting.
  • Detailed instructions supplied
  • Some options will allow self user operation.
  • Locking mechanism to allow smooth transfer.

Safe Working Load: 150kg – Can be designed for heavier lifting.
Batteries: Linak – 24v re–chargeable battery.
Rotation: Manual – 360 degrees.
Lifting Range: From ground to 1800. Can be modified.
Total Weight: 60kg
Floor Mounting Plate: 450mm diameter
Construction: Stainless Steel, Powder coating finish
Hand control: Linak – Push Button
Installation: Anchored to pool deck with Stainless Steel M12 Dynaset Anchors and eye bolts.

Optional Extras:

  • Power – push button rotation.
  • Floating sling made by Para Mobility.
  • Solid Plastic seat for clients with minor low level disabilities.
  • Strengthened Wet Wheelchair – designed and manufactured by Para Mobility, great option as it can be used around the pool area as well

Product Codes:

IPH0011 Pelican Pool Hoist – Mobile – White
IPH0011BK Pelican Pool Hoist – Mobile – Black
IPH0030 Pelican Floating Sling
IPH0050 Pelican Wet Wheelchair

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