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Dali Nursing Care Bed

Burmeier’s care bed for the digital future.

Burmeier Dali Nursing Home Care Bed — Economical, comfortable and safe:

Dali Nursing Care Bed

Fast, digital, comfortable — the Dali brings a new quality of life to nursing care.

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Dali Standard Care Bed

The wireless handset allows residents and carers to operate the bed effortlessly.

Dali Standard Care Bed

The comfortable sitting position makes it easier to breathe and lowers the risk of pulmonary aspiration during meals.

Dali Standard Care Bed

The Dali uses innovative technology and is a robust, low-maintenance bed made of high-quality materials — longevity.

Key Points of Interest

  • The 4-section mattress base (900 x 2000mm) has hygienic metal support bars, frame colour “topaz”.
  • Adjustable Back Support and Upper Leg Rest with the aid of electric motors.
  • Reverse-Trendelenburg and sitting position.
  • Sit-up — chair — position.
  • Safety sides are mounted in seconds with Easy Click.
  • Easier and faster assembly using the Easy Click system.
  • The castors can be individually locked.
  • Wooden surround in beech finish with working timber areas melamine covered.
  • Mattress surface height adjustment is from approximately 400mm to 800mm, giving an adjustment range of 400mm.
  • Cost-saving 24-volt drive system, live 240 Volt components are outside the bed.
  • All motors can be removed without tools.
  • Selectively lockable wireless (Bluetooth) handset.
  • Digital networking through the app for the bed.
  • Push-fit connectors for ease of assembly and tough EPR cabling throughout.
  • Transport, storage aid included.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Safe working load: 185kg.

The timeless, innovative design underlies Burmeier’s quality philosophy; this bed looks very attractive and offers uncompromisingly high quality and durability. These care beds impress with their high level of comfort, ease of operation, customised protection for the occupants and outstanding hygiene properties. These top-selling care beds in Germany relieve the strain on people in a nursing home as well as in a home care situation.

Strong Advantages

Dali Standard Care Bed Stacked

Stacked for Transport
or storage:
Great for saving space.

The 4-section mattress base can be operated conveniently by a wireless handset that is networked with the bed via Bluetooth.

Thanks to the reverse-Trendelenburg feature included as standard, the bed can be adjusted to a healthy sitting position for eating or watching TV.

If the carer wants to block certain positions for the resident, this can be done using the handset or, even more conveniently, using the free Dali-Lock app on a smartphone.

The full-length safety side easily slips into place onto the pre-assembled brackets with the Easy Click system. That makes setting up the bed significantly easier.

24 Volt Drive System as standard

Dali Standard Care Bed SwitchMode

The SwitchMode voltage transformer produces a protective low voltage of 24 volts directly at the socket.

Dali Standard Care Bed SwitchMode Chart

Burmeier’s 24 volt drive system provides an ideal safety standard for caring for people in care. All live 230 volt components are safely housed away from the bed. Immediately downstream of the mains plug is a housing containing the SwitchMode electronic voltage transformer. This means that residents enjoy a very high level of safety.


Strong Advantages

Dali Standard Care Bed 24V system
  • Protective low voltage from the transformer at the wall socket
  • No 230 volt carrying components on the care bed
  • No leakage current measurement after assembling or during the expected service life of the bed
  • A test certificate is available for downloading for every bed

The bed has no current-carrying components except when the handset is in use. Energy consumption drops by up to 93%. Even more costs and effort are saved by the fact that leakage current measurements, certified by TÜV Rheinland, are no longer necessary.

When care beds are being commercially used, the required leakage current measurements must be performed every 2 years. The use of the 24 volt system prolongs this interval to such an extent that measurements are not necessary at all within the expected service life of the bed. The applicable service life is given in the operating instructions. Leakage current measurements are not even required when putting the bed into service for the first time, as this has already been taken care of in the factory.

There is also no need for an electrically trained person to be involved in assembling the bed — this saves the bed operator additional costs.

Dali Care Bed Specifications
Capacity: 185kg
Overall Length: approx. 2180mm
Overall Width: approx. 1020mm
High ⁄ Low: 400 to 800 mm, range = 400 mm
Mattress Base Size: EV94B1DI (Beech) 900mm x 2000mm
Reverse Trendelenberg 12°
Castors: 100mm Tente castors
Lift Operation: 24 Volt (switch mode) Fully Electric
Backrest: 0° – 70°
(Manual CPR release of the backrest)
Knee break: 0° – 35°
Foot end down: To 10°
Side Rails: DSG – Continuous Side Rail, one or both sides
ASG – Adaptable Side Rail, one or both sides
Finish: Frame - Polyester Powder Coated
Wooden surround with integrated side frames.
Working timber areas melamine covered—0.6mm.
Total weight (depending on mattress base frame option): 92 to 97kg
ARTG number: 208844

Dali Care Bed Codes (900mm)
EV94B1DI Dali Standard Care Bed Metal Mattress Base (Beech)
EV94B1DLE Dali Low–Entry Care Bed Metal Mattress Base (Beech)
EV94B1DC Dali Economic Care Bed Metal Mattress Base (Beech)
EV94B1DCLE Dali Economic Low–Entry Care Bed Metal Mattress Base (Beech)
EV94B1DW Dali Wash Care Bed Metal Mattress Base (Beech)
EV94B8CFDI Dali Bed, Timber Cover for Footboard
EV94B8CHDI Dali Bed, Timber Cover for Headboard
EV94B8CFDLE Dali Low-Entry Bed, Timber Cover for Footboard
EV94B8CHDLE Dali Low-Entry Bed, Timber Cover for Headboard
EV94B8CFEC Dali Economic Bed, Timber Cover for Footboard
EV94B8CHEC Dali Economic Bed, Timber Cover for Headboard

Mattress Codes

EV9721Mid Pressure Care Mattress 2000 x 900 x 150,
EV9722Frail Pressure Care Mattress 2000 x 900 x 150,
EV9723Maxi Pressure Care Mattress 2000 x 900 x 180,

Click here for a brochure pdf

Click here for a user's manual pdf

Dali Standard Care Bed Easy Click Safety Sides

The safety side bars can be attached or removed without tools using the Easy Click system.

Dali Standard Care Bed Motor Attachment

All motors can be removed without tools. The removable motor protection protects against damage.

Dali Standard Care Bed Castor

The brakes can be conveniently operated even in slippers.


Exterior dimensions ⁄ Height adjustment range:


The Easy Click system

The full-length safety sides on the Dali are easy to operate and offer a excellent protection. Even the assembly has become much easier. With the Easy Click system, the 4 bars can be attached or removed in just seconds. At the same time they are so securely and sturdily attached that even agitated care patients are protected at all times and cannot unintentionally remove them.

Dali Standard Care Bed Easy Click System

The safety side bars can be attached or removed in seconds using the Easy Click system.

The holding brackets are already pre-assembled on the foot and head parts of all Dali beds. The safety side bars simply need to be “clicked” securely into place. If they are to be removed again, there is a small release slider in the bracket. The sliders are attached in such a way that it is impossible for residents to remove the safety sides unintentionally. The ends of the bars are protected by elegant anthracite-coloured plastic caps.

The Easy Click system makes assembling beds significantly easier for medical equipment suppliers, family carers and care facility workers, and it saves a lot of time. The carers can remove the safety side similarly when the resident no longer needs them. There is also a practical bag for transporting and storing the bars which is available as an accessory.

Full Length Rails up

The full-length safety side provides optimum protection.

Full Length Rails one end down

When in the diagonal position, the bars offer the person in need of care good spatial orientation.

Bed Rail Holder

The holder mechanism for the safety sides is already pre-installed. This saves a lot of time during assembly. Without the safety side, the holders remain unnoticeable at the lowest position on the bed.

The wireless handset

An electrically adjustable bed with handset offers top comfort. But the usual control panel attached by a cable to the bed had its disadvantages. The cable was a potential trip hazard, gathered dust and was sometimes damaged in collisions. So we designed a new wireless handset for the 24 volt Dali series models that is connected to the bed via Bluetooth.

Dali Standard Care Bed Handset

The safety side bars can be attached or removed in seconds using the Easy Click system.


Wireless operation

  • Easy operation both in and outside of the bed, with no cable to restrict the range
  • Very easy to understand pictograms in contrasting colour makes operation easier
  • Handset can be positioned freely on the safety sides
  • Battery lasts 2 years when used daily for 140 seconds

Both residents and carers gain very high operating comfort and always have the control panel at hand, where they need it. The handset still has a spot on the safety sides so that it is always within reach.

It has a very long usage cycle using commercially available batteries and indicates when it’s time for a battery change with a light signal in ample time. A cover on the rear of the unit allows the battery to be replaced without using any tools. As usual, the carer can use the handset to selectively lock or unlock adjustment options individually for the resident. To do this, the enclosed magnet has to be placed on the control panel and then the button for the function to be locked has to be pressed. Of course, it is more convenient to use the Dali-Lock app for this.

As soon as the battery needs replacing, a light signal goes on.

Battery warning light Handset battery replacement

Commercial batteries can be replaced in just a few seconds.

Handset lock out magnet

The adjustment positions of the bed can be selectively locked and unlocked using a magnet.

Handset hooked on safety rail

The handset can be hung from the safety side and is within easy reach at all times.

The Dali-Lock app


The Dali-Lock app

  • Download the Dali-Lock app for free on your Android or Apple smartphone.
  • Start the bed search. The app finds your Dali bed.
  • Connect your smartphone with the bed by scanning the code on the back of the handset.
  • Now you can selectively lock or unlock all positions of the rests as well as the height adjustment individually.

Our Dali beds are convenient and flexible with the many adjustment positions of the mattress they offer. But sometimes certain positions are not recommended because of the resident’s health issues. For example: if the carer wants to lock the function for the reverse-Trendelenburg position or for lowering the backrest, our Dali-Lock app can help. This app operates with Android or Apple smartphones and can be downloaded from the usual app stores for free. It operates all Dali models with 24 volt drive system.

Dali Standard Care Bed Dali Lock App

Digitally designed safety

The Dali Lock app finds the care bed automatically and connects to it when you scan the code on the back of the handset. Now you can selectively lock or unlock all functions individually using the simple pictograms.

The Dali-Lock app is part of a comprehensive digital networking system from Burmeier. Visit our website at www.burmeier.com to find out news about other apps and learn about the modern bed configurator.

Phone App

Your Dali bed finds the app and connects.

Comprehensive digital networking

Optional Softcovers

One feels immediately much more comfortable in a beautiful bed that blends with the interior design of the room. Our Softcovers transform the Dali series into elegant designer beds. Softcovers are stylish fabric covers that fit easily over the head and foot boards and can even be attached to the safety side. Choose from 7 attractive colours: petrol, dark blue, vanilla, lavender, bordeaux, orange and brown.

Dali Standard Care Bed Softcovers

Softcovers are made from high-quality materials and can easily be cleaned in the washing machine at home. They are environmentally friendly in compliance with Öko-Tex Standard 100.

email Click here to enquire about the Dali Nursing Care Bed.


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Timber Covers for Headboard and Footboard Ends (Optional)

The inner and outer wood footends give an attractive living design despite 400mm of height adjustment range

Fall protection height of side rails: approx. 430mm

Mattress and pressure ulcer systems of a maximum thickness of 190mm can be placed on the care bed without adaptable side rail extensions.

Lowered Foot Section

Lowering Footend Shows bed in chair position.

24V Power Supply

24 Volt drive system as standard
Power saving switch mode. Long intervals for maintenance. Residents are optimally protected, as all live 240 Volt components are outside the bed.

Back Support
Back Support

The powered Back Support has a range from 0° – 70°

Safe Working Load

Safe working load of 185kg.
(weight includes mattress & accessories)

Under Bed Clearance

Under bed clearance for all commercially available lifters.

Bed Height Adjustment

from approx. 400–800mm.
An adjustment range of 400mm.

Lower Leg Rest
Knee Break & Lower Leg Rest

Electric Knee Break with manually adjustable lower leg rest.

Locking Castors
Locking Castors

Individually locking, robust TENTE castors.

Stacks for Transport or Storage

Great for saving space.

Dali Nursing Care Bed assembly

How to assemble the Dali Bed

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