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Bedpan Washer Disinfector

Energy Saver on power and water.

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All Malmet products are manufactured in the facility at Leeton NSW, which is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 Certified.

Malmet Bedpan, Urinal Bottle & Utensil/Bowl Washers comply with AS 4187:2014, Reprocessing of reusable medical devices in Health Service Organisations, and the relevant parts of ISO 15883 for Washer Disinfectors. The equipment has been microbiologically tested as per recommendations outlined in ISO 15883 by an independent NATA Certified Laboratory to ensure the wash efficacy is satisfactory for the intended load.

Malmet Energy Saver Bedpan Washer Disinfector

Designed in Australia with patented innovations.

Energy Saver Bedpan Washer Disinfector

ESD Bedpan Washer Disinfector, Open

ES Detergent Model

ESD91 Detergent Model

Malmet Energy Saver Bedpan Washer Disinfector range is the most efficient and effective method of cleaning and disinfecting bedpans and urine bottles.

Independently micro tested, Malmet machines are proven to inactivate organisms, bacteria and viruses, found in bedpans and bottles.

  • Key Points of Interest

    • Energy saving — Low water and power consumption
    • Large capacity — 2 urinal bottles and 1 bedpan per cycle
    • Can accommodate large slipper pans
    • Efficient and low electricity use — Available in 10 Amp & 20 Amp, single phase
    • Pre-wash detergent cycle
    • Hands free operation — To minimise infection risk
    • The door safety is factory set; an obstruction will cause the door to re-open when the obstruction is detected. This is designed to protect the integrity of the machine and the articles within.
    • Minimise hot water use — Steam DisinfectionSteam Disinfection to higher Ao600 level as recommended by AS4187:2014 ⁄ ISO15883
    • Non-vented — Stand alone

    Malmet Energy Saver Bedpan Washer Disinfector

  • Standards compliance and testing

    • Compliance: ISO 13485 & AS ⁄ NZS ISO 9001
    • Infection Control: Microbiologically tested by independent NATA certified laboratory – (Click for Disinfection Validation Study pdf)
    • Non-vented — Stand alone
    • The Australian Standard, AS4187–2014 (which references to ISO15883) makes a detergent wash of RMDs (Recyclable Medical Device, e.g. Bedpan) mandatory. A detergent system delivers 30ml of concentrated detergent in the initial wash.
    • ARTG Registration Number 232012 Class IIb; Electrical Safety Certificate: CS 10082N; Watermark Certificate: WMKA21156.

      ARTG Certification

    Malmet Energy Saver Bedpan Washer Disinfector detergent

    Detergent Datasheet pdf

The Malmet Energey Saver ESD Bedpan Washer Disinfector is a single, dedicated unit designed for as the most efficient infection control of bedpan waste.

The detergent wash ensures that faeces etc are properly removed before the final steam disinfection, ensuring efficacy to the highest relevant Australian and ISO standards. Also, designed with the environment in mind, the ES-D range of products has one of the lowest energy usage rates in the industry.

  • Features to Control Infection

    • A total hands–free procedure for each disinfecting cycle — utilizing sensor beam breaks. No need to touch the machine or control pad.
    • The internal chamber is cleaned and disinfected during each cycle.
    • Steam and detegent disinfection of equipment is above the Australian Standards in temperature generation and length of cycle.
    • Hands Free Operation – Zero Contamination – No infection risks to patients or staff.
    • Odourless disinfection – No bacterial masking or fragrance sprays required as no odours or smells remain.

  • No disposables or consumables

    • Bed pans and urinal bottles are disinfected ready–for–reuse.
    • No disposable container holders to wash or disinfect.
    • No additional waste imposed on the local government community’s sewerage system.
    • No worrying about possible imposition of surcharges for excess waste into the sewerage system.
    • Not excluded for use by any local authority or council.
    • Only detergent and natural body waste is flushed into the sewer.

  • Suggested item positioning in the chamber

    bedpan and bottles slipper pan and bottles
    large bowl and bottles small bowl and bottles

    Some layout suggestions for items inside the Chamber

  • Videos showing how to use the ESD Washer Disinfector

  • Universal Cradle is fitted to all ESD

    Universal Cradle is fitted to all ESD Washer Disinfector models

    • The Energy Saver Bed Pan Washer Disinfector fitted with a Universal Cradle can accommodate:
      • Standard size bed pans
      • Standard commode bowls
      • Standard male and female urine bottles
      • Most plastic urine bottles including male non-spill and female adaptor
      • Large and regular size slipper pans
    • Product Code to upgrade old models: 91-3053
    • Universal Cradle Brochure pdf

  • Models of ESD Energy Saver and accessories


    Product Code Description Trap Power Power Use (kwh) Average Cycle Times (minutes) Water Use (litres)
    ES91-1002 Washer Disinfector ES915 “S” 20A 0.300 5.30 36
    ES91-1007 Washer Disinfector ES915 “P” 20A 0.300 5.30 36
    ES91-1022 Washer Disinfector ES935 “S” 10A 0.236 7.50 35.05
    ES91-1027 Washer Disinfector ES935 “P” 10A 0.236 7.50 35.05
    91-5056 1 litre Jug Holder Cradle to suit ES disinfector

  • Recommended positioning of the free-standing ESD

    Positioning of Bedpan Washer Disinfector (Freestanding Model)
    Model Placement Access Required Device Dimensions
    Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
    ES91- Freestanding Both Sides 1305 595 660
    For Freestanding model, please allow sufficient room for servicing purposes. Recommended space requirements 200mm on either side and 150mm at the rear of the unit. (see installation manual)

  • Service connection requirements for ESD

    Service Connections
    Model Cold Water Soil Line Electrical
    ES91-1002 ⁄ ES91-1007 GB¾ Male 100mm ‘S’ or ‘P’ 240V 1 phase @ 20 amps 50 hertz
    ES91-1022 ⁄ ES91-1027 GB¾ Male 100mm ‘S’ or ‘P’ 240V 1 phase @ 10 amps 50 hertz
    No external vent pipe work is required as the device is designed to condensate all visible steam internally.
    NOTE: Plumbing connection must comply to AS3500

  • Power and Water Consumption for ESD

    Power and Water Consumption Data
    Model Avg Cycles per ⁄ Hr Avg Cycle min ⁄ sec Avg kWh per cycle CW Avg Lt per cycle
    ES91 20A DET 11 5.3 0.300 36
    ES91 10A DET 7.7 7.5 0.236 35.5
    NOTE: Values may change due to operating and supply service conditions.

  • Specifications 20A ⁄ 10A model ESD Washer Disinfectors

    Electrical Rating
    ES91-1002 ⁄ ES91-1007
    Phase ⁄ Hertz
    1 ph ⁄ 50 Hz
    Environment operating conditions Temperature
    Relative Humidity
    +10°C to +25°C
    +30% to 70%
    Element (ES91-1002 ⁄ ES91-1007) Rated
    Overtemp protection
    Thermal cut-out switch 3 pole set point 115°C Manual reset
    Electrical Rating
    Models ES91-1022 ⁄ ES91-1027
    Phase ⁄ Hertz
    1 ph ⁄ 50 Hz
    Element (ES91-1022 ⁄ ES91-1027) Rated
    Overtemp protection
    Thermal cut-out switch 3 pole set point 115°C Manual reset
    Fuse: Transformer Cylinder type F3.15AL 250V
    Fuse F1 : Power supply PCB Cylinder type T315mA 250V
    Spray System Main Wash

    Cool Down
    1 x rotating 180° nozzle
    2 x fixed 60° nozzles
    2 x fixed 0° uninary nozzles
    1 x fixed 60° nozzle
    Wash Chamber Material
    1.2mm Stainless Steel
    2 x urinal bottles + bed pan + lid OR
    2 x urinal bottles + commode bowl + lid OR
    2 x urinal bottles + small commode bowl + lid OR
    2 x urinal bottles + slipper pan + lid OR
    2 x urinal bottles + large slipper pan + lid
    Soil Line Connection
    Complies to AS 2887 & AS ⁄ NZS 3500.2:2003
    ‘S’ or ‘P’ Trap (6mm PE)
    100mm ID
    Backflow Prevention
    AS 2845.2 – 1996
    Air Gap (RAG)  
    Water Supply Cold Temp – Pressure (Static) 5 – 25°C @ 100 – 400kpa
    Water Inlet Valve connection
    WRAS Certified
    Solenoid 240V GB¾ Male
    Hose – valve to Cold Water Tank
    WRAS Certified
    Stainless Steel Braided 10mm
    Frame Material Stainless Steel
    ARTGC Class 1
    Malmet specific (5Lt) Detergent concentrate Caustic Alkaline
    Environmental conditions
    Transport and Storage
    Fragile, Keep away from rain
    Do not stack
    -5°C to +50°C

Click here for Datasheet pdf       Click here for ES Brochure pdf

Click here for Operation Manual on ES91 pdf      Click here for Spare Parts Catalogue pdf

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