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VENDLET Technical Specifications

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  VENDLET Standard VENDLET V5S & Speed Adjust VENDLET Bari
Operation from one side of the bed
Acts as an integrated bed rail
Speed Adjustment
Can be placed in a washing tunnel
Telescopic sides
Emergency lowering


  VENDLET Standard VENDLET V5S, Speed Adjust VENDLET Bari
Total weight (kg) 42 58 58
Height above bed frame (cm) 37 — 45 35 — 50.5 35 — 50.5
Height below bed frame (cm) 10 — 20.5 20 — 35 20 — 35
Width per side (cm) 7.5 7.5 7.5
Length (cm) 200 — 220 200 200
Height above top of mattress (cm) -2.5 +2 +2
Safe working load (kg) 250 200 400
Sheet Attachment Quick Tag Velcro Velcro
Material Aluminium Steel Steel
Decibel (max load) 55db(A) 65db(A) 65db(A)
Expected service life 10 years 10 years 10 years


  VENDLET Standard VENDLET V5S, Speed Adjust VENDLET Bari
Slide sheet
Turn sheet with velcro
Turn sheet with quick tag
Disposable turn sheet
Extension cord for hand control
Height restriction
Multi Bracket
Side rail extension set
Bed frame bracket
Side Frame Adaptor
Under bed light
Side rail bumper
Two hand controls possible
Transport and mounting trolley

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