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Bed ⁄ Chair Raiser System

Plastic Blocks to raise the bed or chair to save carers backs.

Bed Raiser System

Raisers, Biscuits, Mats & Screws

Bed ⁄ Chair Raiser System

The Bed Raiser system consists of 4 modular components. The basic components are:

Bed Raiser Biscuits Bed Raiser Biscuits


  • the 40mm Bed Raiser
  • the 100mm Bed Raiser
  • Bed Raiser Biscuits,
    • optional adapters for legs which would otherwise be too large.
    • designed to be used with the 40mm and 100mm Bed Raisers.
    • will increase the height of the 40mm Raiser to 55mm and the 100mm Raiser to 115mm.
    • (images at right)
  • Bed Raiser Mats to improve grip within the recess
  • Weight rating is 250kg per installation (this means 4 equal points of support)

mouseover for larger image

40mm Bed Raiser Diagram

mouseover for larger image

100mm Bed Raiser Diagram
Help for Sufferers of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

One of the best ways to get control over GERD, especially if you experience heartburn while you sleep, is to sleep with your upper body elevated.

Gravity is a great ally against GERD, it makes it harder for stomach acid to work its way upward. Other allies include saliva (which essentially washes regurgitated liquid back down the esophagus) and the act of swallowing.

But when you sleep, you're all on your own against the forces of GERD -- no gravity (your esophagus is horizontal), no saliva production and no swallowing in your sleep. To help keep stomach acid out of your esophagus at night, you can elevate your upper body. You can use bed raiser blocks to lift the upper part of the bed so that the entire bed rests at an angle.

40mm Bed Raiser Diagram

40mm Bed Raiser Dimension Diagram

100mm Bed Raiser Diagram

100mm Bed Raiser Dimension Diagram

email Click here to enquire about the Bed Raiser System.

TGA Approval Numbers:

  • 40mm Bed Raiser – ARTG#109857
  • 100mm Bed Raiser – ARTG#109958
  • Bed Raiser Biscuits – ARTG#133657

Click here for a brochure pdf

Product Codes:

  • 015–1 – 40mm Bed Raiser
  • 015–6 – 100mm Bed Raiser
  • 015–7 – Bed Raiser Biscuits
  • 015–2 – Bed Raiser Mats

We recommend stacking no more than 2 Bed Raisers

Bed Raiser 40mm


Bed Raiser 100mm


Bed Raiser 40mm+40mm

40mm+40mm for 80mm

Bed Raiser 100mm+40mm

100mm+40mm for 140mm

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