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Top Colours for Overbed Tables

A large range of colours for table tops for Evocare Premium.

Standard Top Colours to match Stiegelmeyer Beds and Accessories


Grey Anthracite

Beige Grey

Lindberg Oak


Other available Laminate Colours

Laminex® Compact Laminate is an innovative, strong, self-supporting, moisture-resistant decorative panel. Used in either vertical or horizontal applications, Laminex Compact Laminate has a beautiful appearance with a distinctive black core. It resists scratches, wear, chemicals and impact and requires minimal supporting framework. So it’s ideal for partitioning, benches and tables.

Choosing a colour is easy with 30 contemporary decors from the Laminex Colour Palette. For even more reassurance, the entire Compact Laminate range is backed by a 10 year limited warranty. (Please obtain a copy of the Compact Laminates 10 year limited warranty from The Laminex Group)

Colour Range — Multi–Purpose Range, Natural Finish
Stipple Hemp Oyster Grey Blackened Linewood Pillarbox Platinum Micro

Stipple Hemp

Oyster Grey

Blackened Linewood


Platinum Micro

Colour Range — Alfresco
Sawn Lumber

Sawn Lumber

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