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Stiegelmeyer Alcamo Bedside Cabinet

The homely and elegant bedside cabinet.

Alcamo Bedside Cabinet

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Stiegelmeyer Alcamo Bedside Cabinet

Stiegelmeyer Alcamo Bedside Cabinet

Stiegelmeyer Alcamo Bedside Cabinet

Alcamo Bedside Cabinet dimensions

Alcamo Bedside Cabinet (with overbed table)

Alcamo Bedside Cabinet

Alcamo Bedside Cabinet open

Alcamo Bedside Cabinet decors

There is a special selection of colours and patterns available to choose from to allow you to personalise the design of a bedside cabinet to suit your taste and adapt it to fit in with existing furnishings.

The Alcamo bedside locker offers a high degree of flexibility in use.

The Alcamo unites the comfortable versatility of the Estrado with a design incorporating a homelike touch: Its table top and the corner profiles are rounded and so create a particularly homelike ambience. The voluminous cupboard, the storage compartment and the drawer of the 89cm high bedside cabinet offer an ample space so that the important things of everyday use are always close at hand — from both sides. The table on the Alcamo can easily be infinitely adjusted with the aid of power assistance to the desired height.

  • Easy to use, with access from either side.
  • Table with gas spring support.
  • A stable arm makes it easy to adjust the angle of tilt and the height of the table.
  • Click for choice of handles

  • Drawer Lock
  • 2 Drawer<>
  • Railing
  • Bottle ⁄ Glass Holder (only with Railing)
  • Hook, Towel Holder (only with Railing)
  • Locking castors
  • Bottle Holder
  • Plastic Drawer Insert
  • Crutch Holder
Drawer Lock Railing Glass Holder Crutch Holder
Drawer Lock Railing, with Towel Holder Railing, with Glass Holder Crutch Holder

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