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Inovia II Low Height Bed

The care bed with innovative ideas

Inovia II Care Bed

The elegant choice – Inovia meets the highest demands in home care

Inovia II Care Bed with Standard Full length rails as standard (DSG): very sturdy rails that can be easily removed if no rails are preferred. One side can be dropped down to facilitate a half rail; providing the resident with security but eliminating the restraint.

Burmeier Inovia II Care Bed —
   Low Height Nursing Home Beds

Two Models — Two mattress widths

Inovia II

Inovia II 100

  • Key Features at a Glance:

    24V Power Supply


    Bed Height Adjustment

    Lower Leg Rest

    Under Bed Clearance
    • Safe working load: 225kg
    • Linak drive system with 24 Volt power saving technology as standard
    • Selectively locking handset (for patient safety) with auto-contour and locking of individual functions.
    • If there is a Power outage, both bed and backrest can be lowered; providing the client with security and comfort.
    • 4–section mattress base 900 x 2000mm ⁄ 1000 x 2000mm, with easy to clean, robust steel slats, metal colour “Titanium”.
    • Bed height can be adjusted through an impressive range of 550mm (from 220mm to 770mm).
    • Electric Knee Break with manually adjustable lower leg rest.
    • Excellent hoist legs clearance allows the hoist access underneath the bed. This helps prevent injury to staff caused by struggling with the hoist legs underneath the bed, where it can sometimes become caught. It also allows for the hoist to be positioned in the optimal position for client transfer, ensuring the client remains well positioned and safe at all times during a transfer.

  • Strong advantages of Inovia II care bed:

    Retracting Back Support

    Locking Castors

    Bed Ends

    Fall protection height of side rails
    • Adjustable Retracting back support (0° – 70°) reduces compression of the stomach and together with the knee–break elevation, plus upper-leg rest assists in optimising health and comfort. The Inovia bed only utilises auto-retraction of the backrest. This minimises user migration down the bed during use of the chair position.
    • The castors can be locked in pairs, either front or back.
    • Wooden surround in beech finish with working timber areas melamine covered.
    • Wooden surround with integrated side frames.
    • Footboard with solid wood grip rail (also headboard as an option)
    • Integrated safety sides, protective height 410mm for mattress thicknesses of up to 190mm
    • Low maintenance, low spare parts costs and very sturdy handsets: service intervals can be increased to 2 years
    • Innovative, home-like appearance

Inovia II Care Bed

The sturdy metal slatted mattress base of the Inovia care bed can be thoroughly and easily cleaned.

Inovia II Care Bed

The optional telescopic safety side with Inovia in low position.

Inovia II Care Bed

Inovia II Care Bed with standard DSG full length side rails

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  • Burmeier’s quality philosophy

    The timeless, innovative design underlies Burmeier’s quality philosophy; this bed looks very attractive and offers uncompromisingly high quality and durability — lifecycle of 20 years. These care beds impress with their high level of comfort, ease of operation, customised protection for the occupants and outstanding hygiene properties. These top-selling care beds in Germany relieve the strain on people in a nursing home as well as in a home care situation.

  • Safe 24 Volt Drive System as standard

    Dali Standard Care Bed SwitchMode

    The SwitchMode voltage transformer produces a protective low voltage of 24 volts directly at the socket.

    Dali Standard Care Bed SwitchMode Chart

    Burmeier’s 24 volt drive system provides an ideal safety standard for caring for people in care. All live 240 volt components are safely housed away from the bed. Immediately downstream of the mains plug is a housing containing the SwitchMode electronic voltage transformer. This means that residents enjoy a very high level of safety.


    Strong Advantages

    Dali Standard Care Bed 24V system
    • Protective low voltage from the transformer at the wall socket
    • No 240 volt carrying components on the care bed
    • No leakage current measurement after assembling or during the expected service life of the bed
    • A test certificate is available for downloading for every bed

    The bed has no current-carrying components except when the handset is in use. Energy consumption drops by up to 93%. Even more costs and effort are saved by the fact that leakage current measurements, certified by TÜV Rheinland, are no longer necessary.

    When care beds are being commercially used, the required leakage current measurements must be performed every 2 years. The use of the 24 volt system prolongs this interval to such an extent that measurements are not necessary at all within the expected service life of the bed. The applicable service life is given in the operating instructions. Leakage current measurements are not even required when putting the bed into service for the first time, as this has already been taken care of in the factory.

    There is also no need for an electrically trained person to be involved in assembling the bed — this saves the bed operator additional costs.

  • Impressive Mattress Height Adjustment range

    The innovative adjustment range of 550mm allows the nursing bed to be used as either a floorline bed or as a standard nursing bed.

    Inovia II care can be lowered to a floor-to-bed height of just 220mm; providing increased safety to clients who are at risk of falling out of bed. In the lowest position the bed rails can be kept down or completely removed.

    Bed height can be adjusted through a range of 550mm (from 220mm to 770mm) which provides the staff with a range of suitable working heights. This significantly reduces the risk of staff injury (i.e. reduced incidence of back, shoulder, neck & knee injuries). The highest mattress position of 770mm allows nursing staff to work comfortably without stressing their backs.

    Having beds according to type of use is no longer necessary. One bed for all cases; Inovia II Care Beds cater for all aged care clients: Bariatric, Falls risks (eg Dementia specific),etc. Hence there is no need to purchase addtional Bariatric and Floor beds.

  • The benefits of a comfortable armchair position.

    Inovia is designed to make those in need of care feel safe and secure. Sitting in a comfortable position to watch TV or talking to another person at eye level — this, and more, is possible with Inovia. Inovia can be brought into a reverse-Trendelenburg position of up to 10° and its backrest raised to up to 72°, which means that it can easily be transformed into a comfortable armchair.

    The benefit of the armchair position

    Inovia Bed chair position

    In addition to assisting in the prevention of pressure areas, it also reduces the manual handling for both the resident and staff (reducing the risk of injury); by allowing the resident to move from a lying position to a seated position without needing to be transferred.

    • assistance in the prevention of pressure areas (plus other health benefits),
    • injury prevention for both the resident and staff (less manual handling),
    • allows the resident to move from a lying position to a seated position without needing to be transferred,
    • allows the resident to sit up and interact with their environment.

    It allows residents to sit up and to join in with everyday activities, whilst obtaining the clinical benefits of sitting.

  • The 3-stage telescopic safety sides for the Inovia model — security without restricting mobility.

    Safety SidesOptimal balance between safety and freedom

    Stiegelmeyer Libra Bed Dimensions

    The telescopic safety side of the Inovia is easy to raise in 2 stages.

    If the person in need of care has to be able to leave the bed when the safety sides are raised, it is recommended to use a system with split elements.

    The telescopic split safety side elements can be effortlessly raised in two stages. The first stage provides the resident with an orientation aid and the second stage offers comprehensive protection.

    The sleek design of the split safety sides was intentionally reduced to the essentials: The surfaces were designed in an elegant combination of wood and metal look which requires no additional side panels. Thus, the bed is very easy to clean thoroughly.

Inovia II Care Bed

The split telescopic safety side of the Inovia care bed promotes the mobilisation of the resident

Inovia II Care Bed

The infinitely adjustable Inovia care bed is always at the right height for optimum comfort.

Inovia II Care Bed

With its lowest position of only 22 cm, the Inovia low-height bed promotes fall prevention even without the use of liberty-depriving measures

  • Inovia II Care Bed Optional Accessories:

    1. Telescopic safety sides
    Telescopic safety sides

    Telescopic safety sides are split in the middle and can be positioned in 3 different height levels. They can be adjusted across a range of settings to suit individual needs. When raised to the 1st level, they provide a sense of security without restricting mobility. However, when raised to the 2nd level MobiFlex (TSG) will give residents complete safety all round. Should the safety sides encounter an obstacle when the bed is lowered, they will remain in their position in order to avoid damages.

    2. Foam leather cover for full-length safety sides
    Foam leather cover
    3. Foam leather cover for telescopic safety sides
    Foam leather cover
    4. Bed extension
    Bed extension
    A 200mm bed extension with metal support bars or sprung wooden slats for mounting at the foot end of the Inovia II and Inovia II 100.
    5. Tray
    The Tray rests on the raised safety sides (also for 1000mm mattress base).
    6. Reading lamps
    Reading lamps
    Reading lamps
    Reading lamp, fixed to patient lifting pole with clamp (left) or integrated into existing sleeve for patient lifting pole (right);

  • Burmeier Inovia II Care Bed Specifications

    Capacity: 225kg (patient weight 185kg)
    Length: approx. 2220mm
    Width: approx. 1050mm ⁄ 1150mm
    High ⁄ Low: 220 to 770mm, range = 550mm
    Mattress Base Size: EV94B1IAII (Beech) 900mm x 2000mm
    EV94B1IAIIW (Beech) 1000mm x 2000mm
    4 section base with metal slats: Tick
    Bed extension: 20 (DSG); 27 (telescopic)
    Ground clearance: 200mm
    Total weight: 153kg ⁄ 159kg
    Reverse Trendelenberg: 10°
    Castors: 100mm Twin Wheel Tente castors (can be locked in axle pairs)
    Lift Operation: 24 Volt (switch mode) Fully Electric
    Backrest: 0° — 70°
    Knee break: 0° — 35°
    Auto-contour ⁄ fowler position: Simultaneous adjustment of the back and thigh rest
    Side Rails: DSG – Continuous Side Rail, one or both sides
    Telescopic Side Rails (optional), both sides
    Protective height of safety sides: 410mm
    Manual CPR release of the backrest: Tick
    Electrically adjustable: Tick
    24-volt drive concept with external transformer: Tick
    Finish: Frame – Polyester Powder Coated
    Wooden surround with integrated side frames.
    Working timber areas melamine covered—0.6mm.
    Natural Beech decor (R 24010 VV) Natural Beech Tick
    ARTG number: 208844

  • Burmeier Inovia II Care Bed and mattress codes

    Bed Codes
    EV94B1IAII – 900mm Inovia II Care Bed, low height, 4 section (Beech)
    EV94B1IAIIW – 1000mm Inovia II Care Bed, low height, 4 section (Beech)
    Pressure Care Mattress Codes
    EV9S21 Mid – 200 x 90 x 15cm
    EV9S22 Frail – 200 x 90 x 15cm
    EV9S23 Maxi – 200 x 90 x 18cm
    EV9S31 Mid – 200 x 100 x 15cm
    EV9S32 Frail – 200 x 100 x 15cm
    EV9S33 Maxi – 200 x 100 x 18cm

  • The Inovia care bed assembly video

  • The Inovia care bed dimensions

    Inovia II Care Bed dimensions

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