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Seta pro Low Narrow Hospital Bed

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Stiegelmeyer Seta pro brevo lino Hospital Bed

Seta pro — brevo lino variant
The narrow low-height bed

Two trends can be observed in many hospitals:
The number of patients remains at a high level or increases, but the average length of stay decreases. Such rapid change calls for greater flexibility, even in terms of beds. The brevo model variant is a narrow low-height bed that fulfils this requirement. It can be quickly moved to any location and meets the different protection needs of patients.

  • Narrow external width 99.8cm combined with a low adjustment range from 28 to 84cm
  • Effortless and easy to manoeuvre
  • Fall prevention even without the use of safety sides
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External dimensions/height adjustment range:

Stiegelmeyer Seta pro brevo Hospital Bed
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