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Guldmann Patient Hoist Slings

Guldmann design and quality gives comfortable, functional slings.

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Guldmann Slings — General Information

Remember: To be able to work efficiently and safely, you have to choose, in every case, the correct type of product in the right size and you also have to understand how to use it in the best possible way.

Guldmann designed slings make it easy, practical and quick for the carer to support the user while being lifted and moved from one point to another, as well as ensuring that the carer can undertake such operations with a minimum of effort and strain.

All Guldmann slings are designed for comfort, dignity and ease of use with both mobile and ceiling hoist systems, and are ideal for moving people to and from beds and wheelchairs, as well as in sitting and lying positions, as required.

The maximum lifting capacity for all Guldmann slings is 255kg — except Basic Basic and Basic High XXXL which can lift up to 500kg.

The comprehensive Guldmann range of slings features slings for many different care tasks

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