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Basic Basic Sling

Supports the whole body excluding the head.

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Basic Basic Sling

Basic Basic Sling
  • General lifting sling
  • Padded leg section for increased comfort
  • Lifting capacity up to 255 kg (except the 3XL with lifting capacity is 500kg)

Universal sling — for general transfers

The Guldmann Basic Basic sling is a general lifting sling suitable for a wide variety of users and lifting operations.

The sling supports the entire body excluding the head.

  • Suitable for:
  • lifting, moving and positioning users who can control their head but have reduced control in their upper or lower body.
  • lifting to and from a seated or lying position (bed and wheelchair etc)
  • use as a general lifting sling to achieve most lifting situations.
  • Technology:
  • The sling has a Smart label with RFID technology.
  • On the sling, you will find a label with a QR code leading you to a mobile site containing links to instruction videos and user manuals.

Sling Code Size Material
270031 XS Polyester
270041 S Polyester
270051 M Polyester
270061 L Polyester
270071 XL Polyester
270081 2XL Polyester
270091 3XL Polyester
270133 XS Net Polyester
270143 S Net Polyester
270153 M Net Polyester
270163 L Net Polyester
270173 XL Net Polyester
270183 2XL Net Polyester
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