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Environment Statement

"To run an environmentally friendly business to help reduce our impact on the environment and preserve natural resources."


  1. We believe it makes good business sense to adapt our environmental management processes and our thinking to help our environment.

  2. We realise that reducing our impact on the environment will also improve our bottom line. By lowering our carbon footprint, reducing our waste and becoming more sustainable results in energy, water and waste management savings.

  3. Our business profits from environmental management through;
    • spending less on office materials, energy and water
    • achieving a reputation for best practice by voluntarily moving towards industry codes of conduct and the international environmental standard ISO 14000 series
    • improving workplace safety through reducing the use of industrial chemicals and reducing waste
    • a positive reputation as a business that cares about its impact on the environment.
  4. We manage our electricity and energy usage by;
    • regularly reviewing our energy contracts with our energy provider to negotiate better deals to suit our needs.
    • improving our budgeting and planning by keeping track of our energy use.
    • regularly upgrading our equipment when more efficient equipment becomes available.
    • ensuring our equipment is regularly maintained so it runs efficiently.
    • making our staff aware of the energy savings available by managing standby power use.
    • encouraging our staff to contribute innovative solutions for saving power.
    • changing to energy efficient lighting as opportunities arise.
  5. Evocare is committed to reducing landfill waste by;
    • encouraging our suppliers to use packaging that is able to be recycled, when protecting their products for delivery.
    • wherever possible recycling packaging materials — including cardboard, plastic and pallets.
    • recycling of other materials — steel, aluminium, batteries, etc — from products repaired or classed as obsolete ⁄ unrepairable.
    • operating a nearly paperless office, relying on our computer system to maintain and store our business records.
    • not using disposable plates, cups or cutlery in our lunch room.

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