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Active Micro Sling

Sling for lifting persons with head control.

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Active Micro Sling

Active Micro Sling
  • Allows access for toileting and hygiene procedures
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Lifting capacity up to 255 kg

Toilet sling — for toilet visits and other hygiene procedures

The Guldmann Active Micro sling is ideal for moving users in a sitting position, with an emphasis on access for toileting and other hygiene procedures.

Supports the upper part of the body (from upper pelvis to under the shoulders) around the chest and upper thigh. The belt has a re–tightening function if necessary to adjust the support around the body.

  • For lifting users with head control, but with reduced muscular strength of upper part of the body and above hip joint and thigh
  • For some users with extension spasms
  • In situations where the sling should be put on and taken off easily
    • e.g. when lifting to and from a seated position
  • In situations where a large opening at the bottom is required, such as access for toileting and hygiene

Sling Code Size Material
284031 Extra Small Polyester
284041 Small Polyester
284051 Medium Polyester
284061 Large Polyester
284071 Extra Large Polyester
284081 XXL Polyester
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