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Mining Drying Cabinet

Designed for the Mining Industry.

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Mining Drying Cabinets

Anaesthetic Drying Cabinet

Drying Cabinet DC12M


Connects to standard power outlets — a vent connection removes heated air.


Centre opening doors protrude only 330mm when fully open.


Double wall stainless steel construction with an insulated cavity, combined with double glazed doors. Heating is discontinued when doors are open.


Meets both AS2514 (Drying Cabinets for Medical Equipment) and AS2774 (Drying Cabinets for Respiratory Equipment) Electrical Safety CS071150V


Dual over temperature cut-out. Set point temperatures are locked to prevent unauthorised change.
Cabinet temperature is pre-set at 50°C and governed not to exceed 70°C.


A centrifugal fan drives heated air downwards to provide rapid internal drying of suspended corrugated tubing and circulate warmth throughout the chamber.

Double glazed doors and double wall stainless steel construction

Anaesthetic Drying Cabinet open

Drying Cabinet DC12M
Doors Open


A washable filter removes fluff, lint, dust etc.


OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS (mm) 1850h x 755w x 640d
CHAMBER DIMENSIONS (mm) 1152h x 600w x 560d
OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS PASS THROUGH (mm) 1850h x 755w x 690d
DOOR GASKET Silicon Rubber
DOORS Double Glazed Tempered, Centre Opening with Magnetic Door Closure
AIR VENT Damper controlled to air-conditioner return duct or direct to atmosphere
AIR FILTER (mm) 150 x 150 x 15 washable polyurethane
AIR BLEED OFF Automatic Damper Control
ELECTRICAL SUPPLY (Australia Only) Plug into 15amp GPO

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