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Guldmann Wall Rail

Easy and economical to install on all kinds of walls.

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Guldmann Wall Rail

Guldmann Wall Rail

Guldmann Wall Rail
Guldmann Wall Rail

  • Discreet and elegant
  • Flexible traverse rail compensates for irregularities of up to 80 mm
  • For direct installation on all walls

Guldmann Wall Rail
Guldmann Wall Rail

Discreet and easy to use and install in both new and existing buildings.

The wall mounted rail system is a discreet system that creates a safe, comfortable and efficient solution for lifting and transferring of persons with loss of function. The system can also be used for gait training, balance training and for personal care tasks.


The wall rail is prepared for the optional installation of LED lights and can be used to mount a variety of things easily and discreetly such as paintings, decorations or curtains.

Wall rails are designed for direct installation on all types of walls. A flexible traverse rail is used with the wall rail system to compensate automatically for irregularities of up to 80 mm.

Freedom of movement — more time to care

  • With an “on the wall rail system” you have complete coverage and effective direct transfer from room to room, e.g. from bedroom to bathroom.
  • When not in use the system is almost invisible, as the lifting module, lifting hanger and sling can be stored in the cupboard.
  • The lifting module can be reached from both rooms as the cupboard can be opened from both sides of the wall.

Wall Rail Cupboard Closed
Wall Rail Cupboard Open

Specially designed storage cupboard with space for the lifting module, the lifting hanger and the liftng sling.

Nursing home room using Guldmann wall rail

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