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Guldmann GH Lifting Hangers

Suitable for Guldmann Ceiling Hoist Systems and GL5 Floor Hoist.

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GH Lifting Hanger, 375kg

556890 Lifting Hanger

Recommended Hanger — 556890

556880 Lifting Hanger

Lifting Hanger small — 556880

556870 Lifting Hanger

Lifting Hanger extra-small — 556870

Lifting Hanger – light and strong

The lifting hanger is used for lifting with all Guldmann standard lifting slings as well as turning and handling slings.

The hanger can be connected to Guldmann ceiling lifts as well as Guldmann mobile lifters. The lifting hanger is available in XS, S and M sizes, so you can customize the choice of lifting hanger according to the individual user and lifting situation.

The Guldmann Lifting hanger features four suspension points, which helps ensure easy, safe and trouble-free attachment of the sling straps. The four suspension points ensure a more comfortable lift for the patient, providing more space and a better seating position in the sling.

Lifting Hanger
Lifting Hanger

The hanger features a functional design with soft, unbroken surfaces that make it easy to handle and clean.

Lifting Hanger
Lifting Hanger

556890, Medium — Suitable for persons using a lifting sling in sizes M–XXXL.
556880, Small — Suitable for persons using a lifting sling in sizes XS and S.
556870, X–Small —Suitable for persons using a lifting sling in XS and Kid Sizes.

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