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Wire Shelving Storage

Wire Shelving static, mobile and compact.

Wire Shelving

An easy and economical way to solve a variety of storage, supply management and inventory control issues with Static and Mobile Wire Shelving Systems.
Available in shelving, carts or high density in-line systems this range will maximise your floor space usage and improve your inventory supply flow.

Wire Shelving Type Options

Chrome Stainless Solid Coolroom
Nickel Chrome Wire Shelving
Nickel chrome wire shelving is best suited to dry areas, and in particular for sterile hospital environments, where cleanliness and freedom from dust gathering is critical. The nickel chrome wire shelves comply with hospital infection control guidelines - as per AS 4187
Stainless Steel Wire Shelving
Stainless steel wire shelving is suitable for wet storage and high contamination areas, such as clean rooms and sterile hospital environments where cleanliness and freedom from dust gathering is critical.
Stainless Steel Solid Shelving
Stainless steel solid shelving has unlimited applications. Stainless steel sheet construction, makes it very serviceable in all conditions.
Cool Seal Wire Shelving
Zinc plated, epoxy coated wire shelving is specially designed for both wet and dry storage areas. Particular application is cool rooms, freezers, hotels, restaurants and hospital kitchens. There is a 10 year warranty against rust.

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Wire Shelving Configuration Options

Shelf Sizes
An expansive range of shelf sizes. (refer table – below)

Shelves are adjustable and can be easily re-positioned with the use of the two piece sleeve which is set at 25mm increments.

Different heights
Six standard Post heights enables adaption to most requirements

A large range of accessories is available to compliment all shelving layouts (refer accessories – over)

Mobile or Static
With or without wheels...
– Mobile shelving units are supplied with 125mm Castors, 2 of which come with Brakes
– Static shelving units are supplied with adjustable feet to accommodate uneven floors

Example Configurations
Static Shelving Static Shelves

R1001 Shelf Unit,
Nickel Chrome,
Four Shelf / Static
Size: 460D x 1525W x 1600H (mm)

R1101 Shelf Unit,
Nickel Chrome,
Five Shelf / Static
Size: 460D x 1525W x 1600H (mm)
Mobile Shelving Mobile Shelves

R1201 Shelf Unit,
Nickel Chrome,
Four Shelf / Mobile
Size: 460D x 1525W x 1760H (mm)

R1301 Shelf Unit,
Nickel Chrome,
Five Shelf / Mobile
Size: 460D x 1525W x 1760H (mm)

Mobile Shelving Mobile Shelving Static Shelving
Model R2102 Suture Trolley
Size illustrated 460 x 1220 x 1760mm high
Suture Trolley features the unique slanted display shelves ideal for dispensing and storing of Sutures or other boxed items.
Can be configured with slanted or flat shelves.
Three shelf sizes available.
R2101 460 x 910mm
R2102 460 x 1220mm
R2103 460 x 1525mm
Mobile R2001 Combination Trolley
Size illustrated 900 W x 610 D x 1760mm high
Trolley combines the options of fixed shelves and sliding baskets.
Can be configured with a variety of baskets to both sides, or the basket ⁄ shelf combination.
Modular Shelving System
Static units can be configured in multiple variations using S Hooks. Starting with a base unit, extra units can added side to side or back to back.

Compact Configurations
Compact Shelving In-Line Compact Storage System
The principle of in-line storage systems is to have a number of mobile bays, running between two static end bays.
Allowance must be made for a minimum of 800mm aisle spaces. Our normal range of shelf sizes gives the opportunity to erect the most efficient storage system to suit all applications.

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Compact Shelving
Compact Shelving

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Size Options
size (mm) chrome code wire stainless steel code solid stainless steel code cool seal code
355mm width
355 x 760 S1430NC      
355 x 910 S1436NC      
355 x 1070 S1442NC      
355 x 1220 S1448NC      
355 x 1372 S1454NC      
355 x 1525 S1460NC      
355 x 1828        
460mm width
460 x 460 S1818NC      
460 x 610 S1824NC S1824SS S1824SD ZP1824
460 x 760 S1830NC S1830SS S1830SD ZP1830
460 x 910 S1836NC S1836SS S1836SD ZP1836
460 x 1070 S1842NC S1842SS S1842SD ZP1842
460 x 1220 S1848NC S1848SS S1848SD  
460 x 1372 S1854NC S1854SS    
460 x 1525 S1860NC S1860SS    
460 x 1828 S1872NC S1872SS    
533mm width
533 x 610 S2124NC      
533 x 760 S2130NC     ZP2130
533 x 910 S2136NC S2136SS   ZP2136
533 x 1070 S2142NC S2142SS   ZP2142
533 x 1220 S2148NC S2148SS    
533 x 1372 S2154NC S2154SS    
533 x 1525 S2160NC S2160SS    
533 x 1828 S2172NC S2172SS    
610mm width
610 x 610 S2424NC S2424SS S2424SD ZP2424
610 x 760 S2430NC S2430SS   ZP2430
610 x 910 S2436NC S2436SS S2436SD ZP2436
610 x 1070 S2442NC S2442SS   ZP2442
610 x 1220 S2448NC S2448SS S2448SD  
610 x 1372 S2454NC S2454SS    
610 x 1525 S2460NC      
610 x 1828 S2472NC S2472SS    
760mm width
760 x 910 S3036NC     ZP3036
760 x 1070        
760 x 1220        
760 x 1372        
760 x 1525        
860 P34C P34SS P34SS  
1370 P54C P54SS P54SS  
1600 P63C P63SS P63SS ZP63
1800 P70C P70SS    
1895 P74C P74SS P74SS ZP74
2032 P80C P80SS P80SS  
2200     P86SS  
Wire Ledge Sizes
100mm high
355 AL14C      
460 AL18C AL18SS    
533 AL21C      
610 AL24C AL24SS    
760 AL30C AL30SS    
910 AL36C AL36SS    
1070 AL42C AL42SS    
1220 AL48C AL48SS    
1372 AL54C AL54SS    
1525 AL60C AL60SS    
1828 AL72C      
280mm high
355 AL14–280C      
460 AL18–280C      
533 AL21–280C      
610 AL24–280C      
760 AL30–280C      
910 AL36–280C      
1070 AL42–280C      
1220 AL48–280C      
1372 AL54–280C      
1525 AL60–280C      
1828 AL72–280C      
Wire Shelf Divider Sizes
220mm high
355 D14C      
460 D18C D18SS    
533 D21C D21SS    
610 D24C D24SS    


Shelving Accessory Ledges
Wire Shelf ledges are available to suit all shelf sizes.
Ledges are designed to easily clamp on to shelf frames.
Two sizes:
100mm high
280mm high
Available in various sizes to suit different shelf widths.
Shelving Accessory Shelf Dividers
To assist in organized shelf maintenance, Shelf Dividers provide a simple solution and clip into any part of the shelf.
Available in various sizes to suit different shelf widths.
Shelving Accessory Shelving Accessory
Vertical Rods
An alternative to Ledges, the 6mm vertical rods can be used to retain larger items.
Available in five lengths, simply clip onto the shelf frame.
There are 5 different lengths
AR1150 1150mm
AR1320 1320mm
AR1530 1530mm
AR1830 1830mm
Guard Rails
A small version of the shelf ledge. Offers two types:
Straight one side or three sided.
Sizes to suit shelves.
Straight 1 side Guard Rail 3 Sides
R18C 460mm    
R21C 533mm F1848C 460 x 1220mm
R24C 610mm F2424C 610 x 610mm
R30C 760mm F2436C 610 x 910mm
R36C 910mm    
R42C 1070mm
R48C 1220mm
R54C 1372mm
R60C 1525mm
R72C 1828mm
Shelving Accessory Wall Mount Collar
Affixes to wall to accommodate posts and spaced to suit shelves.
Posts can be cut to suit any application.
WT1 A – Wall Mount Collar
Shelving Accessory Wall Brackets
To be fixed to walls and spaced to accommodate all shelves. Fits all 355mm and 460mm wide shelves.
Two sizes
WSWB14C 355mm wide
WSWB18C 460mm wide
Shelving Accessory S Hook Connector
S Hooks are used to link one shelving unit to another and are particularly useful in a corner situation to replace posts to enable free access into the corner.
AS 01
Shelving Accessory Blue Type Label Holders
Blue Type Clips securely to top and bottom of shelf. Available in full lengths to suit shelves.
ALH07   ALH14
ALH8    ALH17
Shelving Accessory Clear Label Holders
Clear Type Clips securely to top of shelf. Available in full lengths to suit shelves. May be easily cut to lengths of choice.
DUS26CL75     DUS26CL1400
DUS26CL700   DUS26CL1700

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