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Digital Wheelchair Scale

Seca 676 — Stable, functional and mobile.

Seca 676 Digital Wheelchair Scale

Seca 676 Digital Wheelchair Scale

  • Safe weighing – even when standing is difficult.

    Seca 676 Digital Wheelchair Scale, folded

    It is good when one is physically fit and mobile. But unfortunately not everyone is: many people find it increasingly more difficult to walk and stand when they get old. Many suffer from metabolic illnesses such as diabetes and often suffer from overweight as a result. Old and young alike suffer injuries such as, for example, a broken bone; women are strongly impeded in the last months of a pregnancy. Hospitals, surgeries, rehabilitation centres as well as geriatrics and nursing homes must be prepared for all these handicaps. And they are – with the wheelchair scale seca 676.

  • Generously sized platform and stable railing.

    Seca 676 Digital Wheelchair Scale in use

    Thanks to its especially large, non–slip platform and robust rail, the seca 676 is very versatile. On the one hand, patients can be weighed sitting in a wheelchair or on a chair. On the other hand, people who are fragile or can only walk with great difficulty are able to support themselves.

  • Foldable, mobile and space–saving, integrated ramp.

    Seca 676 Digital Wheelchair Scale ramp

    Integrated ramp folds up for trouble free transport.

    After weighing, the seca 676 can be folded together in no time at all to save space. The sturdy locking device between rail and platform ensures the scale stands safely also when folded together. The rail also serves as handle when the scale is folded together, meaning that the seca 676 can be moved and stored away easily and quickly on the smooth–running transport castors.

  • Intelligent functions for comfortable weighing.

    The swivel–mounted display at hip level ensures comfortable operation for doctors and carers. After having been weighed, the patient can first be attended to without any stress as the weight is stored by the HOLD function. The additional weight of all aids used such as chair or wheelchair can be deducted at the touch of a button with the aid of the TARE function. The scale has memory cells for storing three additional weights and the height of three persons. The BMI function provides information on the individual nutritional condition of the weighed person.

  • Paperless and error-free wireless transmission of measurements.

    With the seca 360° wireless technology the seca 676 can transmit measurements to the optional seca 360° wireless printer. With the network–capable software solutions seca analytics 105 or seca emr flash 101 and wireless USB adapter seca 456, your PC can receive and analyze measurements and forward them to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. Thus the seca 676 is EMR integrated and ready to handle digital patient records and all the demands the future will bring.

  • Technical Data

    • Capacity: 360kg
    • Graduation: 50g
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 920 x 1120 x 1150mm
    • Weight: 38kg
    • Power supply: Power Adapter
    • Functions: Overload protection, Auto–PRINT, Transport castors, TARE, Auto–clear, Pre–TARE, HOLD, Auto–HOLD, BMI, kg⁄lbs⁄sts switch–over, Wireless interface, SEND, RESET, Damping, Auto–SEND

    ARTG Number: 157461

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