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Westfalia Klassik Care Bed

Extremely solid construction – fulfills the requirements in daily care perfectly.


Westfalia Klassik Special Care Bed

Westfalia Klassik – The CLASSIC care bed

The Westfalia-Klassik is designed for discerning users who are not prepared to compromise on comfort and sophisticated technical features in their daily care routine. This care bed looks good in every situation: If the full-length safety side is lowered, its bars rest on top of each other without a gap. When it is raised, attractive wooden panels conceal the bed frame along both sides of the bed.

Strong advantages of the Klassik care bed

With its adjustable height range of 35 to 80 cm, the Westfalia-Klassik promotes fall prevention, can be easily adjusted to the ideal height for getting into and out of bed and allows caregivers to work at a back-friendly height.

  • Electrically adjustable lower leg rest
  • 200kg safe working load, 4-section mattress base with easy to clean, robust steel slats
  • Wooden surround in beech finish with working timber areas melamine covered
  • Central Locking high quality and robust TENTE 100mm castors
  • Cost-saving 24-volt drive system, live 240 Volt components are outside the bed
  • No leakage current measurements during expected service life
  • Selectively locking handset with auto-contour and locking of individual functions
  • Height adjustment range 35 to 80 cm
  • Sliding (retracting) backrest reduces compression of the stomach
  • Bed extension with metal profiles (with 4 longer wooden side rails 220cm) — can be retro-fitted

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Sliding Retracting Backrest & Central Braking System

The 4-section metal mattress base, with its sliding, retracting backrest, is designed to adapt to any position that the resident wishes to adopt and follows the natural movement of the resident’s body during adjustment. Its slats are designed for easy and thorough cleaning.

The Westfalia Klassik features a central braking system as standard. One press of the brake lever is enough to securely immobilise the bed.

Westfalia Klassik Care Bed

Shown with DSG continuous side rails and optional Primero head ⁄ foot boards (EV94B1WKOTP)

Westfalia Klassik Care Bed

Westfalia Klassik Care Bed, with optional Primero head ⁄ foot boards

Design — The classic care bed for nursing homes

The timeless, innovative design underlies Burmeier’s quality philosophy; this bed looks very attractive and offers uncompromisingly high quality and durability.
STABILITY — Beds in the Westfalia range are an attractive alternative for users who prefer a stable, sleek and stylish scissor lift for height adjustment.

Robust, reliable and durable chassis with a sturdy, elegant scissor mechanism. This quality bed includes an impressive range of technical features: safe working load of 200kg, height adjustment from 35-80 cm, sliding backrest, central castor locking, handset with selective disable function etc.
24-VOLT SYSTEM — No leakage current measurements are necessary beyond the expected service life of the bed.

Economic Efficiency

The price–performance ratio is exceptionally reasonable. Nevertheless there was no economizing concerning the construction and the material. Especially the use of high quality materials ensures Burmeier’s quality philosophy.

It represents extremely good value for money. The ideal care bed for nursing homes.

Safe 24 Volt Drive System as standard

Dali Standard Care Bed SwitchMode

The SwitchMode voltage transformer produces a protective low voltage of 24 volts directly at the socket.

Dali Standard Care Bed SwitchMode Chart

Burmeier’s 24 volt drive system provides an ideal safety standard for caring for people in care. All live 240 volt components are safely housed away from the bed. Immediately downstream of the mains plug is a housing containing the SwitchMode electronic voltage transformer. This means that residents enjoy a very high level of safety.


Strong Advantages

Dali Standard Care Bed 24V system
  • Protective low voltage from the transformer at the wall socket
  • No 240 volt carrying components on the care bed
  • No leakage current measurement after assembling or during the expected service life of the bed
  • A test certificate is available for downloading for every bed

The bed has no current-carrying components except when the handset is in use. Energy consumption drops by up to 93%. Even more costs and effort are saved by the fact that leakage current measurements, certified by TÜV Rheinland, are no longer necessary.

When care beds are being commercially used, the required leakage current measurements must be performed every 2 years. The use of the 24 volt system prolongs this interval to such an extent that measurements are not necessary at all within the expected service life of the bed. The applicable service life is given in the operating instructions. Leakage current measurements are not even required when putting the bed into service for the first time, as this has already been taken care of in the factory.

There is also no need for an electrically trained person to be involved in assembling the bed — this saves the bed operator additional costs.

Burmeier Westfalia Klassik Care Bed Specifications

Safe Load: 200kg (Max. weight of patient, 170kg)
Overall Length: approx. 2080 to 2170mm (different end boards)
Overall Width: approx. 1020mm
Bed Extension (optional): 200mm
Ground Clearance: 145mm
Total bed weight (depending on model): approx. 132kg
High ⁄ Low: 350 to 800 mm, range = 450 mm
Selectively lockable handset with cable: Tick
Mattress Base Size: 900mm x 2000mm – 4 sections
Metal Slats Mattress Base: Tick
Mattress Base not dismantleable: Tick
Castors: 4 x 100mm, central locking.
Lift Operation: 24V drive technology with external power adapter for 240V.
Backrest: 0° - 70°
Auto contour adjustment ⁄ Fowler position: Tick
Manual CPR release of the backrest: Tick
Ratchet mechanism, electrical adjustment of lower leg rest: Tick
Knee break: 0° - 35°
Safety Sides: DSG – Continuous Side Rails, one side or both
Optional, KSG – Combined Side Rail, one side or both
Protective height of safety sides: 370mm
Full-length safety side: Tick
Adaptable safety side (ASG) : not available
Self Help Pole: Tick
Finish: The bed is mostly constructed out of steel sections, their surfaces have been polyester–powdercoated, ‘Topaz’ or with a metallic coating of zinc and chrome. The end boards and the side rail beams consist of wood and derived timber products whose surface has been sealed – Natural Beech decor.
Optional Head and Footboards: Comodo with round posts and Primero with handle bar on head and footboard
ARTG number: 208844

Burmeier Westfalia Klassik Care Bed and Options code

Westfalia Klassik Care Bed Codes
EV94B1WK Care Bed Westfalia Klassik Care Bed 4 section — Beech
EV94B1WKPC Care Bed Westfalia Klassik Care Bed 4 section — Precious Cherry
EV94B8HPIWK Optional Primero head and foot boards
EV94B8HPO Optional Podego (grip rail on foot board)
EV94B8EKWK Optional Bed Extension Kit (220cm) consisting of bed extension and set of side rails and side panels.
EV94B8BLA Optional Bed Leaving Aid.
EV94B8BKW Optional Wall Buffer Kit (Left & Right)
EV94B8KSGWKL Optional KSG Rail (left side))
EV94B8KSGWKR Optional KSG Rail (right side))
EV94B8EHS Optional clamp on extra high side rail.
Pressure Care Mattress Codes
EV9S21-V1 Mid – 200 x 90 x 15cm
EV9S22-V1 Frail – 200 x 90 x 15cm
EV9S23-V1 Maxi – 200 x 90 x 18cm

Westfalia Klassik Care Bed features and optional equipment

Steel Slat Mattress Base
Mattress Base

Mattress surface 900mm x 2000mm, 4-part, Mattress surface is easily cleaned metal slats, electrically adjustable. The reclining surface frame has a movable backrest, a firm middle section, a moveable thigh rest and lower leg rest.

Selective Locking Handset

Selective locking handset with locking of individual functions and auto–contour function.
Water resistant—IP64.
Flush keys avoid accidental operation.

Self Help Pole
Self Help Pole

The self help pole attached to the bed makes it easier for the patient to get into and out of bed. The maximum load of the self help pole is 75kg at the front end. In both corners of the head section of the mattress base are two self help pole sockets.

24–volt drive system as standard
Power Supply

With this system the maintenance intervals can be extended up to 2 years (see user manual). Residents are protected in the best possible way, as all 240V powered components are outside of the bed. By using the standard 24V drive technology in connection with an electronic switch mode power supply unit electricity costs can be reduced (compared with the conventional drive systems). At the same time the environment is protected.

Sliding (retracting) Back Support
Sliding Back Support

The Sliding Back Support auto-regression (auto-retracting) backrest that swings up and back when the bed profiles, providing the client with further space for ergonomic positioning. The thigh rest does not regress (retract) down the bed by design as this can lead to the client sliding down the bed, resulting in shear and friction forces. Minimising such forces helps to prevent pressure ulcer formation. In addition, care staff are not required to reposition the client up the bed which can cause back injuries.

DSG Continuous Safety Sides
Side Rail

Integrated safety sides.
The bed has safety side beams on both sides which can be raised as a barrier or lowered when not needed. This safeguards the patient from accidentally falling out of the bed.

The full-length safety side, fitted as standard, conveys a harmonious look when lowered. Full-length safety sides provide maximum protection. A diagonally raised safety side offers support and orientation to the resident.

Bed Height Adjustment
Bed Height Adjustment

Mattress surface height adjustment from approx. 350 to 800mm, adjustment range 450mm.
The Klassik has a low height for residents to easily enter and exit the bed and a high mattress base position of 800mm providing a comfortable working height which is kind to carers' backs.

Central Locking Castors
Central Locking Castors

Central Locking high quality and robust TENTE 100mm castors.
Castors can be locked centrally with the mattress base in any position.
The castors are positioned under the frame.

Wall Deflection Roller (Optional)
Wall Deflection Rollers

The optional wall deflection rollers protect the Westfalia Care Beds from damage.

Lower Leg Rest
Lower Leg Rest

Electric Knee Break with manually adjustable lower leg rest.
When the thigh rest is fixed, the lower leg rest can be individually adjusted. For this reason there are two adjusting ratchets, which will lock the lower leg rest into position.

Safe Working Load
Safe Working Load

Safe working load of 200kg.
The maximum long–term load for this bed is 200kg (patient and accessories).
Under this load, the bed can be operated without restriction.

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Westfalia Klassik Care Bed

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