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Stiegelmeyer Bed Accessories

Intelligent solutions for enhanced comfort and safety.

Innovative and versatile accessories

In everyday nursing care, beds and furniture often have to meet very special requirements. A resident who likes to move around needs to be protected from impact injuries. Beds that are often moved should not cause collision damage during manoeuvring. People who eat their meals in bed need a safe tray for mealtimes. Stiegelmeyer offers the right accessories for all these requirements.

With original accessories from Stiegelmeyer, every bed can be transformed into a customised dream bed. Many parts can also be purchased retrospectively and easily attached or removed. Benefit from more flexibility, security and comfort for residents and carers.

Libra, the low entry bed for modern caring

Attention to detail
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Small Safety Mat

Small Safety Mat

Safety Ramp

The small safety mat, which is made of robust artificial leather and foam padding, abuts the bed rails.

When not in use can be simply folded out of the way and attached to the rails via convenient snaps.

The fall protection ramp breaks the fall, converting it into a rolling movement. The ramp is made of firm foam padding encased in a PU cover.

Fall Preventation Mat

Fall prevention

When care-dependent people leave the bed, there is often a risk of falls and injury. At the same time, however, it is important that they remain mobile. With these products, the risk can be reduced — without restricting the occupant’s freedom of movement in any way.

The fall protection mat can be folded up quickly and stowed behind the headboard or footboard when not in use. It is made of composite foam, 3 cm thick, and is non-slip, non-tear and resistant to dirt and stains.


Bed Extension

Bed Extension

Lower Leg Rest

For tall residents, a bed extension provides extra space and comfort. The bed extension can be readily fitted to an existing bed, in situ, by the in-house technician or a service technician.

The extension of the lower leg rest by 20cm, which can be inserted without tools and is available for beds of the Elvido and Venta family.

When adjusting the mattress base, this element also moves, so that, for example, orthopaedic positioning with a raised lower leg rest is made possible.

Mattress Piece

Mattress Piece

Elvido Bed telescopic sides

The other option for extension of the mattress base is a mattress piece, which is inserted into the bed frame with means of a mounting fixture.

This mattress piece stays in position when the lower leg rest is adjusted.

For an extra charge, the Elvido models can be equipped with an integrated bed extension with telescopic side bars and trims (with the exception of the Elvido rega model). Once the locking bolt has been released, the extension can be pulled out with ease. With the integrated extension, no retrofitting or additional components are required.

Elvido Bed Extension sides

Bed extension

The Elvido models are equipped with a pull-out extension section as standard (with the exception of the Elvido rega model). If this bed extension is used, the side bars must be replaced and special trim elements added with the help of a side extension set. Once installed, the extension blends seamlessly into the overall design of the bed.


Protective covers

Headboard and footboard covers

Rapidly removable bed-rail cushions

Our protective covers serve a number of purposes. They prevent residents from injuring themselves on the sides, head and foot of the bed. And they also protect the bed from damage.

The sides facing the bed have a polyurethane coating and are stitched together. They are also maintenance-friendly, durable, and at the same time agreeably soft and easy to grasp. Headboard and footboard covering with velcro on the back for easy attachment.

Quick to remove are the form-cut protective safety side covers which have a removable outer cover made of PU. They can be used with split and full-length safety sides. For protection along the entire side of the bed, 2 upholstered covers are needed.

Mobivit, a transitional element

Covering for a full-bed rail


The covers are elastic and are resistant to abrasion, tearing, and to commercial cleaning agents and disinfectants. Mobivit, an entry-level covering that provides a transitional element between two covers

Covering for a full-bed rail consisting of a 200 cm and 220 cm rail, or two 200 cm rails plus a vertical element, or three 200 and 220 cm rails (not shown)

Protective covers

Patient lifting pole

Patient lifting pole grip

Cable Holders

The patient lifting pole can be swivelled to the right or left side of the bed head. The fixture, which is made of a dual-wall metal pipe, is very stable. Two pins integrated into the end fixture prevent the grip from slipping.

The grip is made of robust plastic and features particularly harmonious gripping properties. Its height is readily adjustable via a roller belt. The two gripping surfaces feature a comfortable soft-touch surface.

The wire holders, which clip onto the patient lifting pole, allow for safe and tidy wire installation. They also take the strain off the installed wires and can prevent wire connections and manual operating elements from being yanked out.

IV Bag Holder

IV Pole

Rope Ladder

The plastic IV bag holder can be readily attached to the patient lifting pole’s end fixture. The holder should be attached adjacent to the front or rear pin of the fixture so as to prevent the holder from rotating.

The straight IV Pole can be inserted into the nursing bed patient lifting pole using a plastic adapter. The stand’s height is adjustable, and it can support up to 2 kilograms. Our 45° goose-necked IV Pole prevents wall damage in the event a resident moves laterally while in the Trendelenburg position.

A rope ladder, which is mounted at the foot of the bed and laid on the bed, enables residents to sit up in bed without using the patient lifting pole

Sola halogen reading lamp

Sola lamp with short arm

Sola Lamp attachment

Sola is a versatile halogen reading lamp whose position can be readily adjusted. The lamp is made of fracture-resistant plastic and features a robust, flexible arm. Its ventilation slits and heat dissipation cylinder allow for light that generates a minimal amount of heat.

Sola lamp with short arm. The lamp can be mounted on the patient lifting pole via a clamp.

Patient lifting pole with attachment ring to limit the rotation of the Sola lamp.

Mattress clamp handles

Wall Spacers

Wall protection roller

Maintenance-free reading lamp that provides outstanding, low-energy light without any heat generation. Our Lumo lamp produces bright, focused light ranging up to 1100 lux.

Wall spacers avoid damage to walls and wall sockets. Our wall spacers can be mounted without the use of tools by simply attaching them to the bed frame.

Wall protection rollers avoid wall damage when beds are moved.

Integrated wall protection roller

24 volt external plugin transformer

Bed Transporter

Integrated plastic rollers for both sideways movements and bed height adjustments.

Elvido bed’s entire electrical system can be run using a 24-volt external plug-in transformer, which integrates a safety plug that is compatible with all commercial sockets. This makes the system completely safe, as the use of 230 volt electricity at residents’ beds is avoided.

The Stiegelmeyer bed transporter. This apparatus allows for the transport of nursing beds with fixed wooden frames, and can also be used for bed repair and maintenance purposes. The transporter’s large casters swivel individually and have brakes.

Bed Rail Unit

Serving Tray

Magazine Rack

For beds with high mattresses, lateral rail height can be increased by approximately 145 mm using a bed rail unit whose tappet is compatible with various rail configurations.

The serving tray is simply placed on the raised rail, where the tray is very stable. An impact absorbing element under the tray allows for lateral stabilisation. When the tray is not in use, it can be suspended from the headboard.

The magazine rack can be used to store resident records, as well as periodicals, and can be mounted on a bed or bedside table.

Name Tag Holder

Device Rack

Writing Table

The aluminium self-adhesive name tag holders allow resident name tags to be removed for marking and then re-inserted.

An anti-bedsore device compressor can be suspended from the device rack, which is attached to the headboard. The rack can also be used for blankets and towels.

The writing table is a practical fold-away unit that can be used anywhere and whose position is easy to adjust. The product features a document retention bar at the top edge and aluminium bars at the bottom and sides to prevent documents from sliding off.

The outstanding characteristic of Stiegelmeyer’s range of accessories is its functionality.
Practical aids play a very important role in the daily work of care staff and can make everyday life much easier.

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