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Stiegelmeyer Maximo Paediatric Cot

A child-friendly design: care-oriented safety — and colourful flair.

Stiegelmeyer Maximo Paediatric Cot

Maximo Children’s Cot

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Maximo Paediatric Cot

Maximo Paediatric Cot

The cheerful design makes the days in hospital fly by in no time and lends a friendly atmosphere to the room. The Maximo not only looks good, with its modern design, but also already reflects the expected requirements of new standards — so you are already investing in the future.

The bed for young patients

ARTG No: 309507

Maximo Paediatric Cot

Children often find a stay in hospital to be particularly stressful. Thus, a friendly atmosphere that takes their fears away is even more important. The Maximo helps with this as it combines the future-oriented requirements of a medical product with child-friendly design. This care-oriented children’s cot offers comfortable safety and security with a cheerful look. It can be composed in the friendly colours yellow, blue or white, so it matches the room decor.


The Maximo children’s cot, with its robust quality and long service life, can handle the tough requirements of everyday hospital routines. Optionally, generous clear plastic fronts always provide a clear view — whether from the outside for staff and family, or from the inside for the young patient. The plastic clear glass panels can be removed so that children can always be reached and receive medical care as needed.

Comfortable operation

Maximo Paediatric Cot

The safety sides can be brought smoothly and quietly to any desired height, so young patients are not unnecessarily disturbed. In addition, the safety sides are intuitive and easy to operate. They are released with a foot pedal and are therefore particularly convenient. The Maximo beams at visitors: The smiling curve described by the top edge of the safety sides not only lends the cot a friendlier appearance but also makes the work of nursing staff easier. The bed has a safety side height of 81cm and is therefore geared to the increasing height of today’s children. The mattress base can be tilted up to 7.5° in either direction. The adjustment is made with intermediate stops.

Maximo Paediatric Cot
Maximo Paediatric Cot Maximo Paediatric Cot


The care of children presents special requirements. Well-designed concepts can effectively make the work of nursing staff easier. The care utensils in particular must always be easy to reach in the paediatric unit. The Maximo children’s cot therefore offers particularly practical accessories for nursing staff.

Maximo Paediatric Cot Maximo Paediatric Cot

A swivelling nappy bin can be attached next to the bed to handle waste quickly. The extractable linen basket also offers enhanced comfort when caring for smaller patients. Everything is easy to use and quick at hand.

Product codes
Maximo Children’s Cot Frame Colour White EV94K1MO
Maximo Washable in Automatic washer IPX6 EV94K8MAW
Maximo Mattress 740 x 1400 x 90 mm RG40 (not included) EV94K8MM
Removable clear plastic end panels EV94K8MET
Removable linen basket EV94K8MBL
Swivelling nappy bin EV94K8MBD
Holder sleeve for IV Pole EV94K8MIC
Oxygen Bottle Holder EV94K8COBH
Maximo Frame Colour Blue EV94K8MCB
Maximo Frame Colour Yellow EV94K8MCY
Grey Ø 100mm Steinco double castors EV94K8MWD
Frame colour combinations available on request


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Maximo Paediatric Cot mattress

Cover open

Maximo Paediatric Cot mattress


Maximo Paediatric Cot mattress



Maximo Paediatric Cot

Clever details

Four cheerful duck heads look down on the child in the bed. They are a clever detail that highlights the child-friendly appearance of the Maximo children’s cot. The wall deflection rollers combine effectiveness and design. They absorb jolts to the bed as well as to hospital furniture and fittings. Furthermore, they can incorporate sleeves for infusion stands. The appearance of the wall deflection rollers adapts to the overall appearance of the children’s cot with attractive decorative details.

Technical Data
Dimensions and weights
External dimensions 91.2 x 171.2cm
Mattress base (mattress dimensions) 74 x 140cm
Height of bed 172.2cm
Safe working load 50kg
Ground clearance of chassis safety sides at highest level 66cm
Ground clearance of chassis safety sides at lowest level 16cm
Total weight (bed + accessories) 89kg
Protection height of safety sides up to approx. 81cm
Tilting into the Trendelenburg position 7.5°
Tilting into the reverse-Trendelenburg position 7.5°
Mattress base height 78.6 — 95.9cm
Chassis and mattress frame Welded steel structure with durable polyester powder coating
Plastic clear glass inserts Macrolon
Accessory equipment and options
Head and foot boards Steel pipes (Standard)
Removable clear plastic inserts in head and footboards (Optional)
Castors Blue ⁄ yellow Ø 100mm Tente castor (Standard)
Grey Ø 100mm Steinco double castors (Optional)
Decontamination Design of the materials for automatic decontamination systems possible (Optional)
Other equipment Removable linen basket under the mattress base (Optional)
Swivelling nappy bin (Optional)
Sleeve for infusion stand (Optional)

Mattress Base

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Maximo Childrens Cot Mattress Base

With solid sides to protect fingers and mesh for excellent ventilation

Cot Colours

Maximo Childrens Cot

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