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Padded Slide Sheets

Significantly reduces the force required to reposition patients.

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Padded Slide Sheet

Padded Slide Sheet ⁄ Transfer Sheet

  • Low Friction Transfer Surface
  • A continuous loop of PADDED fabric designed to significantly reduce the force required to reposition patients.
  • Fabric is made to glide easily in all directions.
  • The outer is water resistant polyester. The inside is specially treated low friction polyester and the stuffing is hollow polyester fibre.

What research literature says about transfer assist devices:

  • The use of friction–reducing transfer devices significantly reduces the forces required for transferring patients between surfaces compared with using a draw sheet.
  • The products available vary in their effectiveness at reducing forces and awkward postures.
  • The use of transfer devices in combination requires less force than when using only one device.
  • Patients report a greater feeling of comfort and security before, during, and after transfers.
  • Caregivers report lower perceived exertion to shoulders, upper back, low back, and body when using friction–reducing devices to handle patients.

Available in 3 sizes:

LM53021 Small (600mm x 600mm)
LM53022 Medium (600mm x 1400mm)
LM53023 Large (600mm x 1900mm)

ARTG No: 179501

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