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Ropox Support Washbasin

Support Washbasin with integrated grab bars and can support 200kg.

Ropox Support Washbasin has an integrated and elegant design that minimizes dirt.

It can be used in hospitals, nursing homes and private homes.

Support Washbasin with walking frame

The Washbasins have integral grab bars and can be height adjustable; ideal for bathrooms used by multiple users with individual needs.

Support Washbasin
Support Washbasin

left ⁄ right

Support Washbasin

left ⁄ right

Support Washbasin

left ⁄ right

Support Washbasin Accessories

left ⁄ right

Support Washbasin Option

Optional Lateral Adjustment
Sliding 35cm. The washbasin is moved 5.5cm out from the wall. Colour is white. The sideway slide system can be used for Manual and Electric systems.


Provides additional support and easier access to the washbasin for wheelchair users and walking-impaired persons. Models with manual height adjustment facilitate frequent adjustment of the washbasin to suit several users. The height adjustment range is 30cm.

Ample space for knees and legs make the washbasin ideal for wheelchair users, who can maintain optimum mobility and a perfect working position.

The integrated grab handles facilitate access and allow the user to get close to the washbasin.

Support Washbasin room Support Washbasin room
  1. Easy to clean – a perfect and elegant design that minimizes dirt accumulating.
  2. Manual height adjustment – Easy to use for all individuals without tools, just a Ropox crank.

Support Washbasin setting

Technical Data
Manufactured in accordance with the following standard: DS ⁄ EN17966-2016
Materials: Gelcoated composit. Stainless steel. Plastic.
Functional measurements: Height adjustable 250mm
Max. load: (200kg with ref. to DS ⁄ EN17966-2016)

Ropox Support Washbasin is available as left or right hand model

Support Washbasin room

Left — Mixer tap is placed on the left-hand side of the washbasin.

Right — Mixer tap is placed on the right-hand side of the washbasin.

Watch video showing Support Washbasin use.
Support Washbasin
Watch video showing Support Washbasin function.
Support Washbasin

Practical layout of a bathroom can be a rather complicated process.
There are many requirements to consider such as functionality, working space etc.
When starting a project it is important to be aware of the individual’s requirements and to meet the needs of the user and carer.

View below 2 different illustrations showing solutions using the support washbasin.
*** Designers are to confirm that their placement of the washbasin conforms to AS1428.1-2009 where required. ***

Click on image for DWG Drawing

Support Washbasin drawings
Support washbasin 40-44014, left

mouseover for larger image

Support Washbasin for self-reliant user

Support Washbasin for self-reliant user

BATHROOM: The support washbasin gives support while using the bathroom.

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