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Oxford Presence Patient Hoist

Competent enough to handle almost any patient transfer task.

Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS ISO 10535:2011 Compliance

The Oxford Presence Hoist has been independently tested to conform with Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS ISO 10535:2011 Hoists for the transfer of disabled persons.

Independent certified compliance to the Australian / New Zealand standard confirms that the Oxford Presence Hoist is manufactured to perform their designed function safely. Risk of injury to users and carers and the associated personal and financial costs are prevented by using products that meet the Australian / New Zealand standard.

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Presence Hoist

Oxford Presence Patient Hoist

A lifting device that is competent enough to handle almost any patient task. It is an all round performer that gives you more than you expect!

  • Outstanding lifting range
  • Greater spatial area for the carer and patient
  • Powered leg positioning
  • Large lifting capacity (SWL) 227 kg
  • Interchangeable spreader bar/cradle configuration
  • Full selection of slings and accessories
  • Information Heavy Duty Sling

In addition to this versatility, the Presence has been developed using
Oxford's key design principles of:

  • Ergonomic considerations
  • Intelligent positioning of key interaction points

These combined elements mean the lift meets the true needs of the environment, carer and patient.

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Hand Control Rest
Hand control rest
Foot Pad
Ergonomic foot push pad
Push Handle
Ergonomic oversized push handle

Outstanding lifting range

Whether from the floor or onto a high surface the Presence has an astonishing range of movement. The minimum height with the six point spreader bar is just 440 mm, which ensures excellent off the floor transfers.

Conversely, if you wish to access high beds or nursing surfaces, the Presence will lift up to 1910 mm. This is especially useful where you have variable height beds, special lift mattresses and other high surfaces.

This type of flexibility is increasingly important in the care environment. It is the difference between effective safe transfers and unnecessary risk for both the carer and patient.

High Lift
Hand Control
Floor Lift
Presence Patient Hoist

Foot Pad
Sculptured Design
Sculptured design allows
you to get closer to the lift

Greater spatial area for carer and patient

The additional space promotes better ergonomics for the carer, as it is possible to interact more closely with the patient.

The Presence's unique Swan-neck leg design also allows the lift to get close to the widest of obstacles. This is especially useful when encountering large chairs, bulky commodes and wheel chairs.

Powered Legs

Powered Leg Positioning

The Presence has two powerful electric motors which open and close the legs automatically.

Tapered 'swan neck' leg design

Allows greater internal area, whilst not compromising overall product width.

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Presence Hoist

Large Lift Capacity

In today's demanding care environment larger patients are becoming more of a challenge for conventional lifts.

The Presence provides a larger spatial area to accommodate these patients. Transferring now becomes safer and easier to achieve. The Presence's safe working load is a mighty 227 kg.

Low-Profile Digital Weigh Scale

The Presence can be supplied with a low-profile digital weigh scale (A).
The digital weigh scale offers a number of significant benefits for the user:-

  • Its compact, low-profile design ensures maximum lift height is not compromised when in use.
  • Its integrated dual-screen display means the digital weigh scale can be viewed from either side of the boom, making the scale very easy to use.
  • It is Class III certified meaning it provides a highly accurate measurement of weight each and every time – critically important for on-going patient monitoring.

The new weigh scale is available in 3 different attachment versions:
With 6-point spreader bar (UNISCALE101)
With 4-point manual cradle (UNISCALE100)
With 4-point adjustable power cradle (UNISCALE102)

Spreader Bar
Powered Cradle
Manual Cradle

Interchangeable spreader bar/cradle

One of the restrictions of using certain lifts are the slings which you can use on the product. The Presence however, gives you a choice of sling systems.

You can use the conventional 6 point Oxford spreader bar (C), or the manual (D) or powered 4 point positioning cradle (B). This choice provides the carer with a greater option of slings to use when considering support, comfort and flexibility for the patient.

(Click here for a Cradle brochure pdf)

presence Patient Hoist

Product Codes:

OXF–PRESENCE: Presence Hoist with 6 point spreader bar
OXF–PRESENCE+4PTAPC: Presence Hoist With powered Pivot Frame
OXF–PRESENCE+OY0050: Presence Hoist With manual Pivot Frame

Presence Technical Specifications

Mast, Base & Boom Assembly37 kg
Power Pack3 kg
Total40 kg
Base Assembly (not inc battery)20 kg
Mast & Boom (not inc battery)17 kg
4 Point Position Cradle6 kg
Battery 1 x 12 volt rechargeable sealed lead acid type
Battery capacity 3.2 Ampere hours
Charger rated input 230V AC 50/60Hz
Charger rated output 27.4/29.0 VDC@0.8A
Charger - class II
Lift - internal power source
Charger - Type B
Lift - Type B
Intended operating environment >+5° <+40°.
Outside this environment, functionality and safety may be comprimised
Safe Working Load227 kg
Maximum Overall Length1460 mm
Minimum Overall Length1400 mm
Maximum Overall Height2065 mm
Minimum Overall Height1460 mm
Spreader Bar Maximum Height1910 mm
Spreader Bar Minimum Height430 mm
Height at Maximum Reach1310 mm
Reach at Maximum Height650 mm
Reach at Minimum Height400 mm
Maximum Reach*930 mm
* Reach = centre of spreader bar to the front of the mast
Turning Radius1630 mm
Legs Open - External Width1150 mm
Legs Open - Internal Width1020 mm
Legs Closed - External Width670 mm
Legs Closed - Internal Width550 mm
Overall Height of Legs120 mm
Ground Clearance35 mm
Front Twin Castors100 mm
Rear Braked Castors100 mm
4 Point Position Cradle (measurement to top of location pins)
Cradle Max. Height1550 mm
Cradle Min. Height (usable)390 mm

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