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EV9PHE Green Mattress

A short term alternative mattress for public health emergencies.

The EV9PHE — Green Mattress requires no medical accessories, it has a maximum SWL of 200kg with a recommended therapeutic weight range of 50 - 150kg. It is a dual layered mattress intended to be used for adolescent and adult patients as a short term alternative mattress that will provide sufficient levels of pressure redistribution and comfort. The product is treated with UltraFresh™ which is an antimicrobial treatment that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi and also offers odour control and protection from staining and product degradation. The cover comes with full wrap-around zip with a waterfall cover. The PHE Green mattress is only available in a thickness of 150mm, but can be varied in length and width to fit a variety of bed frames and adapts to most patient positioning.

EV9PHE Green Mattress


The barrier surface on the EV9PHE Green mattress is made from premium polyurethane textile (Carrflex VI115), all seams are fully welded for infection control and to protect against ingress of fluids. The flexible polyurethane coated fabric gives high waterproof capability with breathability. The multi–stretch capability of the fabric has obvious benefits for pressure care, the reduction of bed sores and a decrease of skin shear.

The fully enclosed mattress, with its waterproof, yet vapour permeable, multi–stretch, bacterio–static and fungo-static polyurethane cover, is easy to clean and disinfect ensuring maximum hygiene for patients and caregivers.

EV9PHE Green Mattress

EV9PHE Green Mattress

Results of pressure mapping: The EV9PHE — Green medical mattress showed good average pressure redistribution (below 32mmHg) for test subject in supine and lateral positions. These results are within the recommended average (overall) interface pressure for an average subject in the lying position.

ARTG number 260051

PHE Green Mattress PHE Green Mattress
  • Size: 1980 x 860 x 150mm
  • Recommended therapeutic weight range of 50 – 150kgs
  • SWL of 200kg
  • Grey top cover — 4 way stretch — Carrflex VI115
  • Grey PVC bottom cover

Mattresses in other sizes are also available.

Because this mattress is designed to be used as an alternate, transient mattress for public health emergencies its warranty period is for 12 months.

EV9PHE Green Mattress

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