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Oxford Elevate Standing Hoist

Exceptional performance, combined with outstanding flexibility.

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Oxford Elevate Standing Hoist

Oxford Elevate Standing Hoist

The Elevate was designed specifically to improve the lifting experience as well as promote patient independence. With a massive safe working load of 200 kg and integrated weigh scale, the Elevate is an extremely adaptable and flexible standaid lift.

  • Heavy duty safe working load (200kg)
  • Integrated digital weigh scale
  • Easy to adjust knee pad
  • Removable foot tray
  • Powered base
  • Superior ergonomic design

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The Elevate can be used in conjunction with either a standing or transport sling. This provides the carer with the option of performing various care duties, such as:

  • Patient monitoring (weight)
  • Toileting
  • Standing
  • Point to point transfers
  • Walking / Rehab

The Elevate’s integrated weigh scale allows the carer to weigh a patient during the transfer process. This negates the need to transport the patient to a secondary weighing device, saving time and eliminating any potential for patient discomfort.

The weigh scale’s simple and intuitive controls are ergonomically positioned to ensure maximum ease of use for the carer and allows a patient’s weight to be recorded on a regular basis.

Oxford Elevate Patient Hoist

The Elevate’s weigh scale device is fully calibrated prior to delivery meaning the lift’s weigh scale is ready for use.

Oxford Elevate Patient Hoist

The digital weigh scale can accurately weigh a patient up to 200kg, in 0.2 kg increments. Compliant to NAWI Directive (90/384/EEC) and R76 OIML.

To ensure an accurate reading is taken each and every time, the entire lift is active which gives a true measurement regardless of how and where the patient’s weight is being supported.

In today’s demanding care environment, larger patients are becoming more of a challenge for conventional lifts.

With a safe working load of 200kg, the Elevate is able to cope with the vast majority of patient handling situations.

The Elevate’s knee pad is adjustable in height (by 178mm or 7 inches) to ensure that the patient feels comfortable and fully supported. A retractable safety belt provides additional support for those patients needing further reassurance.

Oxford Elevate Patient Hoist Oxford Elevate Patient Hoist Oxford Elevate Patient Hoist
The knee pad height is easily adjusted using only one hand.

The knee pad is contoured for improved patient comfort, and is easy to clean to help prevent cross-infection. The retractable safety belt can be used to secure one or both legs during transfer.

By removing the foot tray and cover, the Elevate transforms into a rehabilitation aid that allows a patient to fully stand. Once in the standing position, the patient can be encouraged to walk independently to assist rehabilitation.

The foot tray’s removable plastic cover assists the cleaning process helping to prevent cross infection.

Oxford Elevate Patient Hoist Oxford Elevate Patient Hoist Oxford Elevate Patient Hoist Oxford Elevate Patient Hoist
Foot tray attached. Plastic cover removed for cleaning. Both foot tray and cover are removed for cleaning or rehabilitation activity. Foot tray removed.
Oxford Elevate Patient Hoist

The Elevate has been designed to offer a high level of safety and functionality for both the carer and patient, taking into account the following key elements:

Ergonomic Considerations:
Making the device simple and safe to use.

Injury Prevention Focus:
Ensuring that we add features that facilitate safe transfer practice.

Human Factors:
Paying attention to the positioning of key interaction points such as handles, battery pack and weigh scale device.

Oxford Elevate Patient Hoist Oxford Elevate Patient Hoist Oxford Elevate Patient Hoist
Convenient hand rest control Ergonomic foot push pad Ergonomic over-sized push handle

Product Code: OXF-ELEVATE


Mast, Base & Boom Assembly 59kg
Power Pack 3kg
Total 62kg
Base Assembly (not including battery) 18.5kg
Mast & Boom Assembly (not including battery) 30kg
Foot Tray 10.5kg
Battery 1 x 24 volt rechargeable sealed lead acid type
Battery capacity 3.2 Ampere hours
Charger rated input 100 – 240Vac 50/60Hz
Charger rated output 29.5 V DC Max 19 W
Safe Working Load 200kg
Maximum Overall Length 1100mm
Minimum Overall Length 1040mm
Maximum Overall Height 1700mm
Minimum Overall Height 1230mm
Maximum Height to Attachment Point 1640mm
Minimum Height to Attachment Point 945mm
Turning Radius 1250mm
Legs Open - External Width 995mm
Legs Open - Internal Width 870mm
Legs Closed - External Width 630mm
Legs Closed - Internal Width 510mm
Widest Point (base width) 640mm
Overall Height of Legs 120mm
Ground Clearance 35mm
Front Twin Castors 100mm
Rear Braked Castors 100mm

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Video presentation of the Elevate Hoist

Please note: As this is a presentation from the USA some terminology is different and items supplied may differ.

Oxford Elevate Patient Hoist
Video presentation of the Elevate Hoist

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