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Oxford Advance Folding Hoist

A compact, fold–away Oxford hoist yet it is able to perform a wide range of transfers.

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Oxford Advance Patient Hoist

Advance Hoist

Advance Hoist

The Advance Hoist is a compact fold-away hoist yet it is able to perform a wide range of transfers. Whether from the floor, on to a nursing or domestic bed, or wheelchair to commode chair, the Advance copes with ease.

The Advance Hoist can be supplied with either a Spreader Bar or with the OY0146 manual Pivot Cradle attachment. (see picture at top right)

The Advance Hoist’s unique ‘swan neck’ leg design allows the hoist to get even closer to wide obstacles.

The Smart™ Monitor control system records the amount of work completed by the actuator every time the lift is used, regardless of a patient’s weight or lift height. The intelligent system advises the user to schedule key maintenance ensuring the lifter is ready for use.

Sling Cradle

Advance Hoist

Advance Hoist

Key Dimensions:
Min. Lift range 390mm
Max. Lift range 1690mm
Max. Leg clearance 115mm
Safe working load 155kg

Folded compact dimensions: Height 450mm, Length 1180mm, Width 550mm

Advance Hoist

Unlike other products on the market the Advance Hoist needs no tools or special attachments to achieve its compact folded position.

This functionality gives active users the option to travel outside the confines of their own home.
Bringing a new dimension to mobile patient handling equipment.

Advance Hoist

In addition to outstanding performance, the Advance Hoist can also be folded, or separated for transportation.

Advance Hoist

Advance Hoist

The Advance Hoist is most useful where space and storage are at a premium. It is especially useful in home settings and nursing institutions where space is not always available.

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A push foot-pad has been incorporated into the design to reduce the force needed to initiate movement when manoeuvring the stationary hoist in a forward direction. The over-sized handle provides a large surface area from which the carer can position the hoist before use.

The triangular folded design enables the hoist to stand upright and unaided when being stored or transported.

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