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Multifunctional handrail scales

Seca 644 — Ensures safe and comfortable weighing of heavy patients.

Seca 644 – Digital hand rail scale with stable railing

Seca 644 with 223
Seca 644 with optional measuring rod seca 233

  • Optimum stability

    Extremely flat . Large platform . High capacity . BMI function

    Seca 644 in use

    The diagnosis and therapy of disabled or heavy patients calls for products which meet the specific requirements. The hand rail scale seca 644 has been especially designed for use in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, old people’s and nursing homes as well as in dialysis centres. The seca 644 helps to make everyday medical life a little easier.

  • Stable railing provides support during weighing.

    Seca 644 Multifunctional handrail scales

    The seca 644 gives its users a very special advantage: the tough and firmly installed railing provides the patient with a safe handhold before, during and after weighing. This, of course, means that the strain on the nursing staff is considerably relieved making it so much easier for them to attend to disabled patients.

  • Especially flat, large platform.

    Seca 644 Multifunctional handrail scales

    The non–slip platform with a height of only 45 mm makes the scale easy to mount – even for older patients and orthopaedics patients. A further advantage: a chair can be placed on the generously dimensioned platform so that patients can be weighed while sitting down. The weight of the chair can first be stored with the pre–TARE function and then deducted from the measured weight of the patient and chair.

  • High capacity and BMI function

    Seca 644 Multifunctional handrail scales

    With a capacity of 360kg, the seca 644 is ideal for weighing especially heavy patients. When fitted with the optional measuring rod seca 223, the height of the patient can also be determined during the weighing process. With the BMI function, one can determine the ratio of the weight to the height at the touch of a button, thus supplying objective data on the nutritional condition of the patient.

  • Easy to transport and non reliant on mains supply

    Thanks to its rubber wheels, the hand rail scale seca 644 can easily be moved around the ward to each patient. This mobility is also enhanced by the fact that the scale can be supplied by power from either mains or batteries.

  • Technical Data

    • Capacity: 360kg
    • Graduation: 50g
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 640 x 1150 x 660mm
    • Platform (WxHxD): 600 x 45 x 600mm
    • Weight: 25.4kg
    • Power supply: power adapter ⁄ rechargeable batteries
    • Data transmission: seca 360° wireless technology
    • Functions: PRINT, Overload protection, Auto–PRINT, Transport custors, TARE, Auto–clear, Pre–TARE, HOLD, Auto–HOLD, BMI, kg ⁄ lbs ⁄ sts switch–over, Automatic switch–off, Wireless interface, SEND, RESET, Damping, Auto–SEND
    • Optional: Measuring rod seca 223
    • Supplied flat packed — some assembly required

ARTG Number: 157461

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