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Mortuary Freezers

Fully stainless steel exterior and interior morgue freezer.

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These Australian made and designed, fully stainless steel exterior and interior morgue freezer is capable of storing bodies in individual compartments.

Easy to install as it just needs to be moved into place and plugged into a standard power point.
Can be easily cleaned as there is an easily accessed fitting in the front that a drain can be connected to.

NMR2 Mortuary Refrigerator, closed

NMF2 2 Bay Freezer

NMR2 Mortuary Refrigerator, open

NMF2 2 Bay Freezer open

NMR3 Mortuary Refrigerator, closed

NMF3 3 Bay Freezer

NMR1 Mortuary Refrigerator, open

NMF1 1 Bay Freezer

Mortuary Freezer Features:

  • Frost Free Refrigeration
  • Easy Glide out Stainless Steel Stretchers on Polypropylene Glide Rollers
  • Digital Control Panel with Built-in Alarms
  • Hi ⁄ Lo read out
  • Freezers built to maintain temperatures of between -22°C and -18°C with even temperature throughout.
  • BMS Connectivity for remote Alarms only and BMS Connectivity for 4-20mA Transmitter are optional
  • Incorporates features that ensures the cadaver is not compromised when power fails
  • Designed so that air and temperature loss is minimised when loading and unloading
  • Top Mounted Refrigeration System that requires no installation
  • Interior lighting
  • Waste Fitting for Hosing out
  • Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior
  • Secured access with lockable door handle
  • Castors standard

Optional Equipment:

  • Remote alarm, NUL-VFC
  • Port entry, NUL-PE
  • Battery backup for controller, NUL-BB
  • Packing Local, NUL-MORT-PL
  • Packing Interstate, NUL-MORT-PI
  • Packing Crate


Mortuary Freezers
Model NMF1 NMF2 NMF3
Capacity (Doors) 1 2 3
External Dimensions 1100w x 2950d x 1315h 1100w x 2950d x 1840h 1100w x 2950d x 2375h
Internal Dimensions 1 @ 660w x 365d x 2130h 2 @ 660w x 365d x 2130h 3 @ 660w x 365d x 2130h
Net Weight 170 Kg 245 Kg 425 Kg
Voltage ⁄ Power 240V 10amp
Temperature Range -18°C to -22°C
Refrigerant R404a
Cooling System ⁄ Defrost Fan Forced ⁄ Automatic
Interior ⁄ Exterior Cabinet Finish Stainless Steel
Door 1 Solid 2 Solid 3 Solid
Door Hinge LH
Door Handle Lockable
Type of Controller Digital Display
Temperature Display External
Data Logger Optional
High ⁄ Low Temperature Readout Yes
BMS Connectivity
1 (BMS Connectivity for remote Alarms only)
2 (BMS Connectivity for 4-20mA Transmitter)

1 Optional
2 Optional
Port Entry Optional
Castors Yes
Body Trays 1 2 3
Tray Size 660 x 2055
** Specifications may change without prior notice **

Construction and Installation:


  • Cabinets are built on the monostructure system which combines maximum useful internal space with minimum floorspace requirement.
  • They are robust without being unduly heavy or bulky.
  • The internal and external shells are stainless steel which combines clinical cleanliness and durability with a permanent attractive appearance.
  • Polyurethane insulation is used to meet the particular requirements of refrigeration in mortuaries.


  • Castors as standard.


  • Fittings comprise heavy-duty chromium–plated handles and hinges
  • Magnetic door gaskets
  • Temperature indicator, on ⁄ off switch and running light.
  • Option: Each door can be fitted with a holder for an identification card.


  • Top Mounted Refrigeration System that requires no installation.
  • All cabinets are temperature controlled individually and can be isolated when not in use.
  • Within the cabinet is a frost–free forced air circulation system and automatic temperature control.
  • Freezers built to maintain temperatures of between -18°C and -22°C with even temperature throughout.


  • A 38mm drain is provided for connection to existing plumbing.
  • An S ⁄ trap should be fitted between the cabinet drain outlet and existing plumbing.


  • Stretchers are made of stainless steel
  • The tubular frame holding the stretcher tray has integral hand slides at both ends.
  • The stretchers are mounted on polypropylene glide rollers for easy handling.
  • The tubular construction of the stretchers makes them light in proportion to their load–bearing capacity.

Tray dimensions for standard 610mm and bariatric 890mm



Stacker trolleys are available as an optional extra for easy stretcher loading


  • The freezer should be installed in a level position in a well–ventilated position.
  • All freezer units run on 240V 10amp single phase.
  • The air inlet for the motor is at the front grill — the air outlet is on top of this unit at the front.
  • Internal cleaning can be achieved by a hose or other means as the cabinet is provided with a drain point at the front.
  • It is important to direct the hose away from the evaporator motors and all power.
  • The power cord is on the left side of cabinet at the top approx 300mm from the front.
  • As the above items are at the front ⁄ front top of the unit, the units are able to be positioned against walls or other units at the sides and rear — no clearances needed.
  • In small areas an exhaust fan may be required.

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