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Mortuary BodyScoop

For use with Guldmann Ceiling Hoist.

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Mortuary BodyScoop

GH3+ Ceiling Hoist

GH3+ heavy duty ceiling hoist with lifting capacities of 250kg, 300kg, 350kg or 500kg.

Mortuary Body Scoop

One-person body transfers

In funeral homes and morgues the BodyScoop with its ceiling hoist installation, allows one-person body transfers from the preparation area or work table, directly to coffin or anywhere within the rail system.

  • The ease with which one person can manage these transfers is a positive benefit to the staff as it:
  • reduces back strain
  • reduces risk of injury
  • reduces number of staff required for transfer
  • saves time
  • manoeuvers effortlessly and quietly on the Guldmann hoist and track system
  • has a lifting capacity of 450kg
Larger widths and heavier loads

BodyScoop Extensions ensure transport of larger widths and heavier than normal loads. Made from high-tensile strength stainless steel, the slats slip on easily and store conveniently.

Body Scoop Body Scoop Body Scoop

The mortuary BodyScoop is designed to be used with Guldmann’s lifting modules mounted in ceiling rail systems which means they do not take up any space when the Body Scoop is not in use. The Guldmann’s lifting system is a premium quality product, which is rugged and reliable with a 15 year projected lifespan. Batteries last 6 plus years assisted by in line charging.

With a Lifting capacity 450kg.

Videos – Use of ceiling hoist and BodyScoop

Using the BodyScoop

BodyScoop in Funeral Home

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