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Bariatric Mortuary Trolleys

An overview of trolleys for your mortuary transportation of heavy cadavers.

4H Mortuary Bariatric Trolleys from SOVA

Durable, long lasting and built to exacting standards, Sova trolleys are designed for many years of heavy use.

All are designed with an electric drive unit and electronic lifting systems that raise and lower the trolley to the individual height required so it is the trolley that bears the load and not the operator.

Warranty – 3 Years for electrics and 10 Years for the frame

Trolleys with
Lifting capacity of 500kg
400-1950mm range
* Check trolley specs *

Mortuary Lifting Trolley

Trolleys with drive unit,
Electric over
hydraulic high-low,
Electric braking

Mortuary Lifting Trolley and Racking

Coffin, casket and body tray compatible

Mortuary Lifting Trolley with Coffin Mortuary Lifting Trolley with Tray

4H801DU Mortuary Bariatric Trolleys with Drive Unit

  • 500kg SWL
  • Variable speed drive unit
  • Coffin & body tray compatible
  • Variable speed electric over hydraulic lifting system
  • Heavy duty ball bearing rollers
  • Stainless steel top and bottom frames
  • Electric Coffin ⁄ Tray Brake
  • Electric raise and lower drive wheel function
  • High capacity maintenance free battery
  • 150mm lockable castors
    • Tray drive roller
    • Concealment top
    • Weigh scale
    • Deep cycle high capacity batteries

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Other Brands of Bariatric Mortuary Lifter Trolleys

CEA42 ⁄ B (CEA34) Bariatric Mortuary Lifter Trolley

  • 300kg load capacity
  • High ⁄ low adjustable 420-1830mm platform range
  • 140mm castors – 2 x directional & 2 x swivel
  • Flow Regulator to prevent the load to lower itself to quickly to prevent injury to operator after it has been lifted.

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MORTBMLT–300 Mortuary Lifter Trolley, 300kg

  • 300kg load capacity
  • High ⁄ low adjustable 470-1450mm platform range
  • 200mm Precision Bearing Castors, 1 x direction lock

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