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Seca 286 Measuring Station

Wireless Ultrasonic measuring station for weight and height.

Seca 286 Measuring Station

Wireless ultrasonic measuring station for height and weight with voice guidance

Seca 286 Measuring Station

  • Intelligently precise

    Seca 286 Measuring Station
    Seca 286 Measuring Station

    With the seca 286 we have redefined the technical limit of measuring stations worldwide. Three pairs of ultrasonic sensors record the patient’s height in milliseconds and a specially designed digital evaluation algorithm ensures incomparably high measurement precision. Upon request, a voice guidance system enables an individual or series of measurements to connect to the seca directprint or wirelessly transmit to an EMR system. With a 300kg capacity and 50g fine graduation, the high capacity scale accommodates patients of all sizes and provides unparalleled seca quality.

  • Technical precision

    Seca 286 Measuring Station Using the optional wireless printers seca 466 and seca 465 the measurement results can be immediately printed out or the data can be transmitted directly to an EMR system.

    For ultrasonic measurement in seca quality – a digital evaluation algorithm was specially designed to eliminate imprecisions. Three pairs of sensors transmit and receive the ultrasonic signals separately and each performs 10 measurements in 200 milliseconds. Together with the constant auto–calibration that balances out temperature fluctuations and a silent measuring process you always receive the most precise results in a comfortable way.

  • The highest flexibility and efficiency

    Seca 286 Measuring Station Sensor
    Three unique pairs of sensors transmit and receive ultrasonic signals separately and thereby ensure the most precise measurement results.

    The measuring station can be networked using 360° wireless technology and all measured values can be wirelessly transmitted to EMR systems. Optionally the measuring station can be supplemented with a wireless printer or a seca directprint connection to enable individual patient printouts. To make work easier, the measurement can be conducted fully automatically using an optional voice guidance in CD quality. The keylock on the touchscreen prevents unintended changes to the settings by the patient.

  • Unparalleled quality

    Seca 286 Measuring Station Platform

    The seca 286 ultrasonic measuring station is designed for a long life, as is usual for seca. The sophisticated appearance of the design with column elements made of aluminum is very robust and the scale has a non–slip tread made of easy–to–clean safety glass.

  • Technical Data

    • Capacity: 300kg
    • Graduation: 50g
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 434 x 2270 x 466mm
    • Platform Dimensions (WxHxD): 430 x 60 x 365mm
    • Weight of Scales: 16.5kg
    • Power supply: Power adapter
    • Data Transmission: seca 360° wireless technology
    • Functions: TARE, Pre–TARE, mother ⁄ child–function, HOLD, Auto–HOLD, Auto–BMI, CLEAR, Auto–CLEAR, auto weighing range switch–over, damping, SEND ⁄ PRINT
    • System compatible: 360° wireless printer advanced seca 466, 360° wireless printer seca 465, 360° wireless USB adapter seca 456, software seca analytics 115, seca emr flash 101 and seca directprint
    • Optional: Printer holder seca 481 for seca 465, printer holder seca 482 for seca 466

    Length measurement

    • Measuring Range: 60–210cm
    • Graduation: 1mm
    • Ultrasonic technology: 3 pairs of sensors (3 receivers, 3 transmitters)
    • Auto–calibration
    • LED light in measuring head

  • Video of Measuring Station in use

ARTG Number: 157461

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