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Measuring Rod

Seca 216 Mechanical measuring rod for children and adults.

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Seca 216 Mechanical Measuring Rod

The graduation index can be fixed in place with the locking screw.

Seca 216 Mechanical Measuring Rod

For accurate measurements.

Seca 216 Mechanical Measuring Rod

Whether for children or adults – the measuring range can be adjusted as needed.

Seca 216 Mechanical Measuring Rod

  • Two different measurement ranges
  • Easy read–out
  • Adjustable head positioner
  • Choice of two units of measurement
  • Simple assembly

seca 216: Flexible Use, precise results.

Medical instruments are put to the test every day in medical practices where doctors and nurses need exact results they can rely on. The devices are also expected to prove their worth in routine work and meet demands for flexible use, simple operation and easy–to–read displays. The measuring rod seca 216 passes all tests with flying colors. In hospital or doctor’s office, wherever an intelligent combination of accuracy and easy operation is required, this measuring rod provides the very best service.

Two different measurement ranges

It doesn’t matter if your patient is tall or short, the seca 216 is suitable for measuring both children and adults. The measuring rod has a removable scale from 3.5 to 230 centimeters. The user simply inserts the range he wants to use in the 138–centimeter plastic sleeve.

Easy read–out

Even while the measurement is being taken, the result can be read out on the scale, which runs along the side of the measuring rod. A large display window helps to make sure the user can take an accurate reading. The result remains constant after measuring has been completed. The head positioner, which can be easily locked into place, stays in exactly the right position when the measured person steps away from the measuring rod.

International use

The seca 216 is also flexible when it comes to the unit of measurement. The double–sided printed scale leaves the choice to the user, with results displayed in centimeters or in centimeters and inches.

Simple Assembly

The seca 216 can be mounted on the wall at any height. The scale itself serves as an assembly guide. When the starting point (zero) is placed on the floor and the scale is attached tightly to the measuring rod, the desired assembly height is easy to find. And the measurements are guaranteed to be accurate to a millimeter.

Technical Data

  • Measurement Range: 138cm ⁄ 55.3" variable from 3.5 – 230cm ⁄ 1.4 – 90"
  • Graduation: 1mm, 1mm ⁄ 1 ⁄ 16"
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 120 x 1500 x 217mm
  • Weight: 1.7kg

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