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Fluid Warming Cabinets

Fluid, Storage & Combinations.

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Fluid Warming Cabinet
Fluid Warming Cabinet Closed

Blanket Warming Cabinet
Fluid Warming Cabinet in use

Fluid Warming Cabinet
Fluid Warming and Blanket Warming Cabinets combined

Fluid Warming Cabinet
Fluid Warming Cabinet sensor

Fluid Warming Cabinet

  • Single unit Wall mounted
  • Single unit with skirt for putting on the floor or a bench
  • Single unit on a raised stand
  • Single unit on castors
  • Tall unit freestanding or on castors – 91 litre capacity
  • Small unit for bench top – 20 litre capacity
  • Two unit in combination, one on top of the other
  • Single unit in combination with another Warming Cabinet or Storage Cabinet
  • Any combination of 2 cabinets on castors
  • All single or combination units recessed into the wall
Fluid Warming Cabinet

Tall Fluid Warming Cabinet on castors

Fluid Warming Cabinet

Small Fluid Warming Cabinet (FW204)

The only safe and accurate method of determining and maintaining Saline, irrigation, Glycene, Parenteral and IPD fluid temperature to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Fluid warming cabinets are essential in Maternity, Recovery, Theatre, Specialist and Intensive Care Units.

Malmet Fluid Warming Cabinets are the only cabinets that have a fluid temperature sensor plate enabling actual fluid temperature to be read via the main display board.

Why take the risk?

  • Stainless steel construction with insulation cavity. Cool to touch exterior surface.
  • Double glazed doors for inventory monitoring. A 16mm gap between panes provides insulation and safe external temperature.
  • Adjustable shelving – 2 litre and 1 litre bottles and bags can be stored.
  • Special sensor plate for actual fluid temperature monitoring.
  • Capacity for up to 60 litres of fluid (Tall Unit up to 91 litres, Small Unit up to 20 litres)
  • Over heat protection and temperature lock out.
  • Fan assisted convection heating.
  • Single cabinets can be converted to combination units. Mix and match to suit any requirements.
  • Versatility – cabinets can be supplied with 4 non-marking castors (2 fixed, 2 swivel and lockable)
  • Multi purpose installation: Wall mounted, freestanding or bench and recessed into the wall.
  • ARTG Registration 188762

Feature Single Fluid Warming Cabinet
Centre Opening Doors yes
(except Small Unit)
Double Glazed yes
Door Closure Magnetic
Outside Dimensions (mm) Single Unit: 905h x 850w x 575d
Tall Unit: 1510h x 758w x 590d
Small Unit: 735h x 500w x 590d
Inside Dimensions (mm) Single Unit: 690h x 750w x 500d
Tall Unit: 1300h x 630w
Add for Skirt Height (mm) 80
Add for Castors Height (mm) 125
Add for Stand Height (mm) Single Unit: 610
Capacity 60 litres (recommended)
Tall Unit: up to 91 litres
Small Unit: 20 litres
Bench ⁄ Wall Mounted ⁄ Free–Standing ⁄ Wall Recessed yes
Electrical Rating 240 volts 2.8 amps 50hz
Connection Supplied 3 pin 10 amp plug
600 Watt Element yes
Power Consumption 7.8kW 24hr
Radial Hot Air Fan yes
Micro-Processor Control yes
LED Temperature Control yes
Set Point Temperature 37°C
Over Temperature Protection 5°C above setting
Max. Temperature Setting 50°C
Temperature Lock Out yes
Adjustable Shelving Single Unit: 4 wire shelves – bottom fixed
Tall Unit: 7 wire shelves – bottom fixed
Small Unit: 4 wire shelves – bottom fixed
Stainless Steel Construction yes
Fluid Warming Cabinet Code
FWM Single Cabinet – Wall Mounted FW100
FWS Single Cabinet – With Stand FW102
FWRS Single Cabinet – Wall Recessed With Stand FW103
FWFB Single Cabinet – With Floor ⁄ Bench Skirt FW104
FWRFB Single Cabinet – Wall Recessed With Floor–Bench Skirt FW105
FWTFB Tall Cabinet – With Floor Skirt TW1100
FWFC Single Cabinet – Free-Standing with castors FW106
FWTFC Tall Cabinet – Free–Standing with castors TW1101
F105BT Small Cabinet – Bench Top FW204
Cabinet Combinations
FFWF Fluid & Fluid Warming Cabinets, freestanding CW103
FF105FS Fluid & Fluid Small Warming Cabinets, freestanding CW203
FBWF Fluid & Blanket Warming Cabinets, freestanding CW105
FBWR Fluid & Blanket Warming Cabinets, Wall Recessed CW106
FB105FS Fluid & Blanket Small Warming Cabinets, freestanding CW205
FSWF Storage & Fluid Warming Cabinet, freestanding CW109
FSWR Storage & Fluid Warming Cabinet, Wall Recessed CW110
Cabinet Combinations on castors
FFWFC Fluid & Fluid Warming Cabinet, freestanding with castors CW114
FBWFC Fluid & Blanket Warming Cabinet, freestanding with castors CW115
FSWFC Storage & Fluid Warming Cabinet, freestanding with castors CW117
Stand for under single Cabinet 100-5100
Floor ⁄ Bench Skirt with adjustable feet 100-5105
Rear Joining Bracket 100-5110
Combination Conversion Kit 100-5105
BWFW Castors for Cabinets – Factory fitted 100-5115
BWFW Castors for Cabinets on Stands – Factory fitted 100-5116
BWFW Castors for Cabinets - Unfitted 100-5117
BWFW Castors for Cabinets on Stands - Unfitted 100-5118
Option for Wall Recessing Cabinet
Fascia for Single Cabinet with floor ⁄ bench skirt. 100-5201
Fascia for Single Cabinet with stand. 100-5202
Fascia for Combination Cabinet with floor ⁄ bench skirt. 100-5203
Fascia for Tall Cabinet with floor ⁄ bench skirt. 100-4029

Click here for all Cabinets’ Specifications

email Click here to enquire about the Malmet Fluid Warming Cabinets.

Air Flow through Cabinet
Malmet Logo

Malmet manufacture a range of blanket and fluid warming cabinets to suit most applications in Maternity, Recovery, Theatre, Specialist and Intensive Care Units. Their research and development team have designed the range of cabinets hospitals have been asking for.

The circulation of warm air in Malmet Cabinets is not restricted by how full the cabinets are, they still supply even and thorough heating to the entire contents of the cabinet.

Malmet Cabinet shelves are designed to take a full load without bending.

Compare, test and see the difference between Malmet Cabinets and other cheaper brands.

ARTG Registration Number 188762 Class 1
Electrical Safety: Certificate of Suitability ASA 12050102

Only Malmet cabinets offer you the flexibility of modular units that you can mix and match as your requirements change.

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