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Power Traverse Trolleys

Powered traverse trolley for room covering systems that can be mounted flush to the ceiling.

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GH Traverse Drive Motor for A, B and C rails

GH3 Traverse Motor Drive

GH3 Traverse Motor Drive

Traverse Drive Motor is used to motorise the traverse rail in a room covering system as well as in a combined system with Combi lock.

The traverse rail is operated by an IR (Infra–red) remote control. The same IR will operate the GH3 hoist and e.g. a Combi lock.

The speed of the motorised traverse rail can be adjusted to ensure easier coupling with the Combi Lock (must be done on the PCB, by Evocare Service). Safe Working Load 250kg.

Lifting unit moves along traverse rail

Power Traverse Trolley Power Traverse Trolley

Traverse rail moves along parallel rails

Power Traverse Trolley Power Traverse Trolley

  • 551110 Traverse Drive Motor for A,B, C Rails

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