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Ceiling Reinforcement

An installation reinforcement between the rafters to install the ceiling bracket.

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Ceiling – reinforcement

It is important to fasten the fittings with nails in the marked holes only, as illustrated, or else the timber may split. The lower edge of the reinforcement shall be level with the lower edge of the rafters.

Shutter boards must be mounted direct under the reinforcement.

When mounting the Guldmann ceiling brackets in wood, it is important first to drill a hole with a 4 mm drill before fastening the bracket with screws.

Nail the fittings to the marked holes only.

A. Rafters
B. Timber 4” x 4” – 100 x 100 mm
C. Fittings BMF 3224 – 100 x 90 mm
D. Guldmann ceiling brackets

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