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Guldmann Lifting Hanger Scales

Suitable for Guldmann Ceiling Hoist Systems and GL5 Floor Hoist.

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Digital scale for ceiling hoist — makes weighing simple

560602 Weigh Scale

560602 Weigh Scale on floor hoist

560602 Weigh Scale

560602 Weigh Scale

  • Makes it possible to weigh users during care procedures
  • Lifting capacity of up to 300kg
  • Medically approved version available

The digital scale can be used with all Guldmann ceiling hoists and mobile lifters. It simplifies work processes by making it easy to weigh the patient/user in conjunction with everyday care procedures.

Class III medically approved model able to deal with loads of up to 300kg. The digital scale is battery powered.

All digital scales have quick connect as standard. The quick connect feature on the digital scale is easy to use and enables you to connect the scale to the hanger and ceiling hoist very fast.

The feature substitutes the former key-ring solution. There is a retrofit quick connect kit available for existing digital scales with key-ring solution.

560604, Digital scale Class III Model RS Verifiable

560602, Digital scale Model RS

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