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Guldmann GH Rail Crossing Module

Flexible division for set-ups with mobile walls and folding doors.

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Guldmann Rail System GH Rail Crossing Module

Guldmann Rail System GH Rail Crossing Module

Guldmann Rail System GH Rail Crossing Module

Rail crossing – flexible layout options for care residences

This module is used to set up a flexible solution involving mobile wall units and revolving/folding doors integrated with a ceiling hoist system, with the option of altering the layout as and when new needs arise – without having to dismantle and rebuild the existing system.

The needs of individual residents can vary greatly and may change over time. For example, residents who originally had good motor skills may require additional care, and may even become bed-bound, or an entire room layout may need to be remodelled when a new resident moves in.

Folding doors and mobile wall units are no obstacle to the smooth running of continuous Guldmann ceiling hoist rails. Elements of this kind can be accommodated by positioning the continuous Rail crossing module to one side, allowing a Guldmann ceiling hoist system to cover the entire room or apartment.

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