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Free Standing Single Rail System

A portable rail system which can be set up practically anywhere.

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Free-standing single rail system, simple, practical and safe

Free Standing Single Rail System

  • Simple to put up and take down
  • Height and width adjustable
  • Ideal for temporary lifting needs
Free Standing Rail System

The system requires no structural changes to the building or room, nor does it have to be permanently fixed to walls or ceilings. This makes it ideal for handling temporary lifting needs.

The free-standing single rail system is easy to put up and take down – in only 10 minutes – with no need for specialist tools. As a result, it is ideal for subsequent reuse elsewhere.

Both the height and width of the system can be adjusted within the ranges of 210—280cm (height) and 250—390cm (width), and it has a lifting capacity of up to 255kg.

The rail system is made of lightweight aluminum and designed for use with Guldmann GH1 Lifting Modules.


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