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Guldmann GH3 Ceiling Hoist

Professional ceiling hoist — for effective lifting and moving.

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GH3 Ceiling Hoist

Lifting module. User-friendly and extremely powerful and fast lifting module for permanent installation.
Lifting capacity 200 or 250 kg.

GH3 Ceiling Hoist

GH3 Use GH3 Use

GH3 Ceiling Hoist

  • Ensures effective lifting and moving
  • Lifting capacities 200kg, 250kg
  • Charges itself through the rails – always ready to use
  • Low rolling resistance and intuitive hand controls
  • User-friendly and powerful enough to handle lifting in almost all professional care settings.
  • Can deal with heavy loads on a regular basis.
  • Helps make lifting and moving procedures safe, simple and comfortable for user and care staff alike.
  • Can assist with other care tasks, mobilisation exercises, training and rehabilitation programmes.
  • Can be fitted with a built-in motor for horizontal movement.
  • Operated either via a hand control or an optional infra-red (IR) remote control unit.
  • GH3 lifting modules lift full weight at up to 60 mm ⁄ sec and traverse at up to 300 mm ⁄ sec.

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The GH3 concept is a completely modular system that provides maximum flexibility with a minimum of components, with rapid, cost-saving installation and considerable versatility.

GH3 design and technology set dramatically new benchmarks for what can be achieved with modern ceiling hoist systems. Both in terms of looks and how well they can do their job.

All rail units (except the curves) are capable of continuously charging the batteries in the GH3 lifting modules, allowing flexibility of location of the module.

GH3 lifting modules are fitted with quick-release mechanisms for easily and rapidly disconnecting the lifting module from the rail and the lifting hanger from the lifting strap. GH3 lifting modules are also available with an integrated weighing mechanism, drive motor and a cordless remote control unit.

GH3 Sealing Kit

In environments in which a high hygiene standard are required around the ceiling hoist, e.g. in an operating theatre, a sealing kit is offered for the GH3, which protects against external dirt and particles.

GH3 in the home GH3 room covering GH3 in care GH3 horizontal lift GH3 for training

GH3 Videos

Guldmann GH3+ Ceiling Hoist
CareLift Management Online.

Guldmann GH3+ Ceiling Hoist
Watch a 3D Video Presentation of the GH3 Hoist.

Guldmann GH3 Ceiling Hoist
Watch a Video showing a GH3 uses.

Guldmann GH3+ Ceiling Hoist
Watch a Video showing a Nursing Home (Safe Gait Training).

Guldmann GH3+ Ceiling Hoist
Watch a Video showing a Nursing Home (Bed to Bathroom).

Guldmann GH3+ Ceiling Hoist
Transfer Treatment Training.

Guldmann GH3+ Ceiling Hoist
Horizontal lifter video

Guldmann GH3+ Ceiling Hoist
GH3 Hoist video

Guldmann GH3+ Ceiling Hoist
Watch a Video showing Intensive Care 1. (Turning).

Guldmann GH3+ Ceiling Hoist
Watch a Video showing Intensive Care 2. (Repositioning).

Guldmann GH3+ Ceiling Hoist
Watch a Video showing Intensive Care 3. (Floor Pickup).

Guldmann GH3+ Ceiling Hoist
Watch a Video showing using H Hanger (Repositioning).

Note: GH3 lifting modules are available for mounting on GH2 rail systems.

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GH3 Quick Guide GH3 Datasheet GH3 Manual Brochure CLM

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