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Guldmann Bariatric Care

Time to change procedures in bariatric care...

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Bariatric Care

Care staff who undertake bariatric patient care in clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities find that they increasingly encounter people of many different shapes and sizes. Bariatric patient care can take place in specialised bariatric units – or be integrated into general or critical care areas, including emergency departments, operating rooms, medical/surgical units, long-term care facilities, etc.

Bariatric Care

The care of bariatric patients presents particular challenges related to promotion of dignity, respect and comfort. These patients’ medical conditions and physical limitations often limit their ability to function in essential day-to-day activities such as hygiene, mobility and positioning. Each patient’s degree of mobility determines the type and amount of assistance needed.

Adding more care staff may not always limit the risk of injury, and the use of Safe Patient Handling technology will be required to keep patients and care staff safe – and to promote quality of care and service.

The kinds of lifting and handling tasks frequently carried out in bariatric care:

  • transferring patients to and from bed/chair, chair/toilet or chair/ chair
  • lateral transfer of patients to and from bed/stretcher/trolley
  • repositioning patients in bed – from side to side, up in bed
  • repositioning patients in wheelchair, chair or geriatric chair
  • patient handling that requires access to particular parts of the body (limbs, abdominal areas, etc.)
  • transporting (stretcher)
  • assistance with wound treatment and skin care
Videos of GH3 Ceiling Hoist in bariatric care

Lifting from the floor
Lifting from the floor

Bariatric Care Solutions
Bariatric Care Solutions

Sling on off in wheelchair
Sling on off in wheelchair


Active Trainer
Active Trainer

Lift from bed to chair
Lift from bed to chair

Trainer sling on and off
Trainer sling on and off

Twin Turner Sling
Twin Turner Sling
Bariatric GH3+ Bariatric GH3 Twin

1. GH3+ ceiling hoist, 250-350 kg
Extremely powerful, fast lifting module that is particularly user-friendly.
It is available with an optional scales module that is ideal for use anywhere it is important to monitor changes in the patient’s weight. The patient’s weight is clearly and accurately shown on the display on the hand control unit.

2. GH3 Twin ceiling hoist, 250 or 500 kg
Heavy-duty lifting module with double lifting strap.

Leg Sling Twin Turner Repositioning Sling

3. Leg sling
Function – for when a patient’s leg or legs need lifting and ⁄ or support.

Suitable for:

  • wound care
  • diabetic foot care
  • ace or other wrapping
  • applying therapeutic socks/hosiery, etc.
  • assistance with perineal access or bedpans
  • lifting and holding patients’ arm or arms.

4. Twin Turner
Function – makes it possible to roll a patient onto either side without removing the sling. Makes it possible to place a sling under patients without having to roll or move them.

Suitable for:

  • access to patient’s skin for inspection, treatment and care
  • rolling to provide easy access for hygiene, wound dressings, assessment, etc.
  • rolling initiation
  • tasks to be carried out while patients are lying on their sides.

5. Repositioning sling – 500 kg
Function – a sling for use as part of the bedclothes on the patient’s bed. It can be left positioned underneath the patient, ready for use in conjunction with care tasks.

Suitable for:

  • transferring patients to and from a range of different surfaces (bed, stretcher, floor, etc)
  • turning patients
  • boosting patients up the bed
  • repositioning patients
  • use when changing bed sheets
  • use in conjunction with CT scans / MRIs.

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