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Guldmann Active Lifter

GLS5.2 – Designed to ease everyday routines for both user and carers.

GLS5.2 Active Lifter

GL5.2 GL5.2

  • One lift for many functions

    • Sit to stand
    • Standing balance (with foot tray removed)
    • Transfers from chair to chair
    • Transfers from bed to chair
    • Transfers from bed ⁄ chair to toilet

  • Adjusts easily to comfortably fit most heights and sizes

    • Padded and adjustable knee support
    • Multiple sling attachment points
    • Ergonomically profiled push handle for all caregiver sizes
    • Multiple sling sizes to create optimum comfort and support (option)
    • Add–on hip sling to assist with hips and buttocks raising (option)

  • Easy and safe to use and understand

    • Electric up, down, and leg width adjustment
    • Dual operations options — hand control or control box
    • Rear foot push bar to increase maneuverability
    • Manually and electrically operated emergency lowering
    • Easily accessible emergency stop

  • Strong, reliable and powerful

    • SWL 155 or 205 kg
    • Designed for intensive use in professional environments
    • Meets and exceeds all current norms and regulations in industry
    • Manually and electrically operated emergency lowering
    • Strong 25,9 V/2,25 AH Li-Ion battery ensures long usage time, even in heavy use environments
      • Shorter charging time to full capacity
      • Prolonged battery life
      • More lifts from a single charge
    • Strong, noiseless and fast Linak actuators
    • Varied charging options — on board lift and off board lift via extra battery
      • Built in and easily accessible docking station for battery
      • Extra battery packs as option
      • Fully automatic switch mode charger
    • Removable and easy to clean foot tray
    • The battery capacity is indicated in 3 intervals in the hand control;
      • Low 0 – 25%
      • Medium 25 – 50%
      • High 50 – 100%
      • Audio signal at low battery voltage when approx. 25%.
    • Visual service indicator lights up when maintenance is required.

  • Flexible to assist a wider range of users

    The GLS5.2 Active lifter is a mobile lifting device that is designed to ease everyday routines for both user and carers. The GLS5.2 raises the user from sitting to standing position and is also useful for the frequent daily transfers between bed, chair and bathroom.


    Flexible to assist a wider range of users
    To be able to use the GLS5.2, the user must have at least partial control of his or her upper body and have the ability to co–operate. When standing in the GLS5.2 the users’ feet are placed on the foot tray while the legs are supported by a padded and adjustable knee support. For patients that require additional support the calf support strap can be used. The GLS5.2 is fitted with multiple sling attachment points that allow the active sling range to be used to create optional lifting positions for a wide range of patients. To facilitate walking, the foot tray can be removed if the user has good standing balance.

GL5.2 Watch video using GLS5
(not current model.)
Guldmann Mobile Lifter GLS5

ARTG Number 223094

  • GLS5.2 component list

    GL5 Electric
    • 1. Sling attachment hooks
    • 2. Lifting boom
    • 3. Control box
    • 4. Battery
    • 5. Push handle
    • 6. Emergency stop
    • 7. Emergency lowering manual
    • 8. Hand control
    • 9. Actuator
    • 10. Rear braked castor
    • 11. Foot plate
    • 12. Knee pad & adjustment knobs x 2
    GL5 Electric
    • 13. Battery indicator
    • 14. Service indicator
    • 15. Overload indicator
    • 16. Lifting boom up ⁄ down
    • 17. Base adjustment
    • 18. Emergency function up ⁄ down, battery–, service– and overload indicator

    GL5 Electric

  • Active Lifter and accessory codes

    Product Codes
    562200 GLS5.2 — 155kg Active Lifter
    562201 GLS5.2 — 205kg Active Lifter
    Available Slings
    28336 Standing Sling S⁄M
    28337 Standing Sling L⁄XL
    28338 Hip Support Sling

  • Active Lifter Specifications

    Max. Lifting Capacity 155 ⁄ 205kg
    Turning radius 1360mm
    Lifting height, min. 850mm
    Lifting height, max. 1740mm
    Knee Rest, horizontal adjustment 230 to 320mm
    Knee Rest, vertical adjustment 350 to 450mm
    Electric width adjustment max. (internal) 1190mm
    Electric width adjustment min. (internal) 560mm
    Leg Height 90mm
    Total Weight 54kg

An easy, comfortable and safe way to raise and support users with partial or complete control of upper body

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