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Guldmann GL5.2 Floor Hoist

Improving the comfort and safety for both the carer and user.

GL5.2 Floor Hoist

GL5.2 GL5.2 GL5.2 GL5.2

  • GL5.2 Characteristics

    • Low reach — ability to lift directly from the floor
    • High reach — ability to lift tall users in large slings, without difficulty
    • Flexible — with the appropriate type of sling ⁄ accessories the GL5 can deal with all moving and handling requirements
    • User friendly — easy for both tall and short people to use. Can be operated either by the hand control or by the operating panel
    • Reliable — the GL5 is strong, stable, reliable and safe — designed for intensive use in professional working environments
    • Intelligent — latest technology that provides access to statistics via SIC (service information console) showing
      • Number of lifts
      • Number of lifts since last service
      • Life span of components
        (actuator, battery)
      • Reports of errors
    • Modern design — offering on or off board charging, to suit the environment in which the GL5 is used. The GL5 has been matched to the “Red Dot” award winning design of the GH3 ceiling hoist ⁄ system
    • All–round capabilities — the GL5 makes it easy to deal with a wide range of moving and handling situations while being ergonomically sound and safe for both the care provider and user.

GL5.2 GL5.2 GL5.2 GL5.2

  • GL5.2 Models and Accessories

    Item number—model
    GL5.2–562308 205kg, 100mm Castors
    GL5.2–562309 155kg, 100mm Castors
    GL5.2–562312 205kg, 100mm Castors, manual lowering
    GL5.2–562313 155kg, 100mm Castors, manual lowering
    GL5.2–562310 205kg, 80mm Castors
    GL5.2–562311 155kg, 80mm Castors
    GL5.2–562314 205kg, 80mm Castors, manual lowering
    GL5.2–562315 155kg, 80mm Castors, manual lowering
    With medium Spreader Bar included
    Guldmann GL5 and Ceiling Hoist Spreader bars are interchangeable
    GL5 Codes (Spreader Bar not included)
    Product Codes – Spreader Bars
    556890 Lifting Hanger M
    556880 Lifting Hanger S
    Link to Guldmann Lifting Hangers
    Digital Scale RS for Ceiling and Mobile lifters Scale
    560604 & 560602  
    Max lifting capacity 300kg
    Link to Guldmann Lifting Scales

  • User comments

    “This mobile lifter makes it easier for both users and carers to deal with daily situations involving lifting and moving. It may well help prevent work strains and back injuries for our care staff”

    Manager, Long Term Care Facility

    “Mobile lifters are particularly suitable in places and situations where there is no ceiling-mounted hoist system within reach. Maybe there is no room for a stationary installation. Maybe the place does not normally involve lifting. Whatever the reason, a mobile lifter is a practical and cost-effective lifting aid and a great means of extra safety”

    Safe patient handling carer

GL5.2 GL5.2

  • GL5.2 Advantages

    The GL5 mobile lifters are the floor based alternatives to the ceiling mounted lifting solutions offered in the Guldmann range of products.

    What makes the GL5 mobile floor lifters unique is the attention to detail that makes the lifter easy to use and provides comfort and a safer lifting process.

    The GL5 lifter has a lifting capacity of 205kg and features electric lifting and width adjustment to allow easy access around chairs, baths and the ability to lift from the floor.

    The configuration means lifting capacity is more than adequate, and GL5 lifters are very stable. GL5.2 Mobile lifters can be charged using the lifter itself or externally via a battery. The low friction castors, ergonomically designed push handle and the lifting design make the lifters easier to manoeuvre. User friendly features include easy to use buttons and indicators and safety features with automatic on⁄off and easy to reach emergency stop ⁄ lowering functions.

    ARTG Number 223094

  • GL5.2 handles all the lifting tasks

    • Lifting to and from the floorGL5 can lift directly from the floor to a chair or bed. This makes a GL5 the ideal solution if an unforeseen lifting need occurs where there is no ceiling mounted hoist available. The lower section of the lifter is designed to give the user ample room and the considerable reach of the lifting arm means the user doesn’t feel boxed in.
      GL5 is ideal for use in physiotherapy, where users have to be lifted from, for example, a chair down onto an exercise mattress. The lower section can be placed in the wide position to make sure there is enough room to make the lift directly above the mattress.
    • Lifting to and from the bedGL5 ensures effective lifting to and from the bed. The ability to lift high and the long reach result in the user can be placed correctly into the middle of the bed, or be positioned correctly into a wheelchair.
    • Heavy lifting — With the capacity to lift 205kg the GL5 is ideal for lifting bariatric patients. It has ample room for the user, a high lifting capacity and exceptional stability that leaves the user without any discomfort or anxiety.
    • Horizontal lifting — With the advanced design of the lifting height and reach the GL5 is well suited for horizontal lifting with the Guldmann stretcher style accessories.

  • GL5.2 component list

    GL5 Electric

    • 1. Hanger
    • 2. Lifting boom
    • 3. Control box
    • 4. Battery
    • 5. Push handle
    • 6. Emergency stop
    • 7. Emergency lowering manual (option)
    • 8. Hand control
    • 9. Lifting actuator
    • 10. Brake ⁄ release
    GL5 Electric
    • 11. Chassis leg
    • 12. Battery indicator
    • 13. Service indicator
    • 14. Overload indicator
    • 15. Lifting boom up ⁄ down
    • 16. Base adjustment
    • 17. Emergency function: up ⁄ down, battery–, service– and overload indicator

    GL5 Electric

Watch a video of the Guldmann Mobile Lifter GL5:
Lifting from wheelchair. (not current model)

Guldmann Mobile Lifter GL5

Watch a video of the Guldmann Mobile Lifter GL5:
Lifting from bed to wheelchair. (not current model)

Guldmann Mobile Lifter GL5

The GL5 mobile lifter is an all–round lifter that meets the majority of moving and handling requirements when used with the Guldmann range of slings and accessories.

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