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Floor Hoist and Active Lifter

Complements a Guldmann Ceiling Hoist System.

GL5.2 Floor Hoist

What makes the GL5.2 mobile floor lifters unique is the attention to detail that makes the lifter easy to use and provides comfort and a safer lifting process.
The GL5.2 lifter has a lifting capacity of 205kg and features electric lifting and width adjustment to allow easy access around chairs, baths and the ability to lift from the floor.

GL5, strength comes from the inside

GL5 – strength comes from the inside

  • Low reach — ability to lift directly from the floor
  • High reach — ability to lift tall users in large slings, without difficulty
  • Flexible — with the appropriate type of sling ⁄ accessories the GL5.2 can deal with all moving and handling requirements
  • User friendly — easy for both tall and short people to use. Can be operated either by the hand control or by the operating panel
  • Reliable — the GL5.2 is strong, stable, reliable and safe — designed for intensive use in professional working environments
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GLS5, One lift for many functions

GLS5.2 – One lift for many functions

GLS5.2 Active Lifter

The GLS5.2 Active lifter is a mobile lifting device that is designed to ease everyday routines for both user and carers. The GLS5.2 raises the user from sitting to standing position and is also useful for the frequent daily transfers between bed, chair and bathroom.

One lift for many functions
  • Sit to stand
  • Standing rehabilitation (with foot tray removed)
  • Transfers from chair to chair
  • Transfers from bed to chair
  • Transfers from bed/chair to toilet
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