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Gel for Theatre

For patient positioning and pressure reduction in theatre.

Gel Products for pressure reduction and positioning for patients during surgery

The blockage or damage of capillaries during surgery prevents the natural maintenance of healthy skin and leads to ulcer formation. Use of positioning devices can prevent excessive pressure build up and capillary closure.

Gel Products are cost effective, cleaned quickly and easily, latex free and radiolucent.

These products are all covered by TGA Approval Number 144159

Gel Body Pads

SK–23 series Gel Body Pads

The Gel Body Pad provides pressure reduction and minimises shearing across table surface.

Gel Body Pads
Dimensions SK–23–2 SK–23 SK–23–3 SK–23–1
Length (mm) 840 1600 1600 1830
Width (mm) 500 500 450 500
Height (mm) 13 13 16 13

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Gel Knee Pads

SK–25 – Gel Knee Pad

The Gel Knee Pad can be used for OBGY surgery in the lithotomy position. Assists in the prevention of nerve injury.

Gel Knee Pads
Length (mm) 400
Width (mm) 240
Height (mm) 10

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Gel Shoulder Pad

SK–27 series Gel Shoulder Pads

The semi–circular design of the Gel Shoulder Pads provides excellent pressure reduction while the patient is in the supine position.

The SK–27 and SK–27–4 can be used under the knee when the foot is against a board.

The SK–27 can be used for shoulder protection when the patient is in a lateral position.

In thyroidectomy the SK–27–4 can be used for neck hyperextension.

With the patient in the prone position the SK–27–2 can be used under the chest.

Dimensions SK–27 SK–27–2 SK–27–3 SK–27–4
Length (mm) 470 470 250 520
Width (mm) 100 150 150 100
Height (mm) 50 100 80 80

email Click here to enquire about the SK–27 series Gel Shoulder Pads.

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